OFFER SEPT. 30, 2021

For over 30 years, you, my fellow brothers and sisters in Messiah’s gathering congregation have

supported this ministry when you donated, got my music, purchased a book or bible translation.

To tell you the truth, all that money was spent long ago for preaching the name of Yahshua, feeding the hungry and leading other to salvation in Mitzvah as the Ruauch Ha Kodesh has lead me. When I was offered this TV program, it was first a matter of prayer and council with my elders who advise me and verify the leading of Almighty Yah. For many years the picture and logo for “Yah’s Way TV” had been on our website and social network fellowship online. Today that leading and anointing has come true. So I come to you, the body of believers in salvation in the one name by which we must be saved (Acts 4:12) and again ask you to partner with us all to preach the truth of His Great name. Over the past 60 plus years of my life, I have watched and talked with many famous ministers and TV Evangelists who have advised me that “Where Yah Guides, He Provides”. Yet when I looked closer at what these men and women did with the multi-millions in donations they received, I saw no transparency in what they were doing with those large donations. Imagine how saddened I felt when I saw only a lavish luxury lifestyle and the lack of laborers in the harvest field. One very famous minister even asked me if I had a business plan for what he called “My Ministry” ? Friend, I was at a lose for words to explain to this man the leading and anointing of the Ruauch Ha Kodesh, the Holy Spirit in my life and calling. That is why many years ago as a young man I took to heart When my mother taught me that Shaul or Paul made tents for a living to provide for his missionary journeys in scriptures. These guiding principals are the reason why I took no salary as a minister, only expenses for what my tent making income had paid for in reimbursement for the work I do for Yah. So I ask you to consider in prayer for this ministry and partner with us to complete the work that Yah has lead us together to do for Him. 100% of all donations, royalties from book and bible sales and support goes to the work of preaching the gospel by feeding the hungry, helping the orphan and fatherless and proclaiming the true name of salvation, Yahshua Messiah to the world. Your tax deductible gifts, offerings and donations are not just appreciated my friends, they are the answer to prayers to many world wide who are seeking a cold drink of clean water, clothing, food and hope. That hope is only found in a personal relationship with Yah through salvation in Yahshua’s name. This week’s special offers are designed to equip you with the tools you need to witness to the Jew First as we are instructed in scriptures: For a donation of $15 or more, Yah’s Way TV will send you two tools to share your faith with Jew and Gentile alike. The First is a tract entitled “The Zechariah Tract” In it you will find the message of the prophesied Messiah by his name given in old testament scriptures as indisputable evidence to share salvation to others. The Second is entitled “Hallelyah, the origin and significance of the name” by Bob Young. For over 40 years this tract has been published to the world which fulfills the prophesy that explains the scriptures about knowing The Creator’s name. For a gift of $30 or more we will add as our gift in kind to you, the book “What Is His Name, The Prophesied Messiah” By Dr. Dan Merrick. In this book you will learn about The name of Messiah and the Creator and how one of the oldest living Rabbis in Israel revealed the name of Messiah in a message to his followers to be opened a year after his death, and how it shook the Jewish world with what was contained in that letter. We also will provide for you our viewers, the PDF download free of charge on YahBible.Org to share these truths with your friends and family online revealing the truth of Yah and Yahshua’s name. To write us, send your checks and money orders to:

Yah’s Way TV
125 West Main Street
Smethport PA 16749


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Don’t forget to pray for the ministry of Congregation Yahshua Messiah Gathering and Dr. Dan this week as we are also praying for you. Here are the Two Tracks and book download for those who can not give to help this ministry but would like to learn and share about the true Messiah’s name of salvation:

OFFER OCT. 7th 2021

For a donation of $15 or more, Yah’s Way TV will send you the tract “Yah The Great and Powerful”

For those who can not give, here is the link to download free of charge.

For a donation of $30 or more, we will send you the printed book by Dr. Dan “An Ordinary Supernatural Life”

Due to copyright laws we can not put this book up for free download but if you can not afford to give, we do take written requests at the address above. May Yah Bless you for your prayers, gifts and offerings to keep Yah’s Way TV on the air broadcasting the name of Salvation to the world.


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