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Author and Businessman Dan Merrick, Ph.D. is not just the president of his own company, a corporation worth over 7 million dollars, he also is a web designer. Doing weekly radio shows broadcast world wide where he mentors regular people into success is only one of the varied talents Dan has. He writes music, sings, paints, collects coins, publishes a newspaper, and has just added several retail and advertising web sites to his list of about 100 domain names.

Web sites like and are just a few ventures that Dan uses to increase his net worth.

Selling advertising and cookware are not enough for Dan, he provides web sites which he designs for authors, businesses, and publicists just to name a few.

Dan's specialty is coding the keywords in the page to insure high search engine placement and recognition. He is also expert in doing streaming audio and video content for web pages. Dan likes to use additional income streams incorporated into web sites like Goggle Adsence and Linkshre Corporation banners to help increase the return on the small investment he charges to do a web site. " Adding additional income streams by joining advertisers web ad programs, can make for a less expensive venture when getting web design completed"  Dan Says.

With all that Dan does, you can find him relaxing in his hot tub often to break the pace of the day doing so much to help others to build wealth the same way he and his wife Olga have.

To have Dan do you a web site for the low price of only $109.95* and annual renewals of only $49.00 a year, click the Pay Pal link below and Dan will be glad to lend you his help and assistance in making your web site work for you to sell books, make advertising dollars, and present you as the expert millionaire you are deep inside.









































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