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How You Can Make a

Six Figure Income On

Internet Radio


By: Daniel W. Merrick, Ph.D.

About The Author:

Rev. Capt. Daniel W. Merrick, Ph.D. is the Blog Talk Radio Host of ‘Instructions To Money Radio’ which broadcasts live from 8PM to 9:30PM Eastern Time Thursdays. Dan is the author of ‘Instructions To Money: From Welfare To Millionaire’ published by Outskirts Press of Parker, Co. 2006. Dan began his radio career in 1976 when he graduated from the Ohio School of Broadcast Technique in Cleveland Ohio. Dan holds an FCC 3rd Class Broadcasters License. After completing the Broadcast Announcers and Audio Production Courses he worked an internship with WHK country and WMMS rock and picked up time as a vocal talent doing voices for commercial spots. During Dan’s Army duty while stationed at Fort Knox, he produced and announced for the consumer information program entitled ‘American Consumer Insight’ which was aired in Elizabethtown Kentucky. After getting out of the service, Dan worked for WQRM FM and was the producer and announcer of ‘Faith In Action Radio’ for evangelist Ken Gaub. Dan’s present show is rebroadcast on CRN with the National Radio Network and on ABC satellite affiliates in Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago, and on The Radio Internet Broadcast Network just to name a few. Dan has appeared as a guest on numerous radio and TV shows as a successful business mentor and investor. For more on Dan you can visit his site at  and more about his Corporation at


The 7 secrets to making more money with internet radio.


Let me start by saying that this information is designed to make you rich. As with any business, your results may vary. Especially if you do not use this information to take action and make some money with the solid methods contained in this report.



First Secret:


People listen to radio while they work, on the internet, & at home.


There a thousands of computers on every block and in every home across America. People love to listen to the radio on the web at work or home while doing other things. One of the fastest growing businesses on the net is multi-media. It has the big broadcasters worried. It is starting to suck into their ad time and that is where you can make a lot of money.


Why Radio: 

Because people listen to it is the short answer. But here are some facts that can help you understand why Internet Radio may be your answers to your dreams come true.

 Now consider where you are right now. The town or city where you live, the people you like to spend time with, and honestly, your desire to be famous. Not just famous, but rich also. We all have the natural desire to be liked and admired by our friends and relatives. What if you could spend an hour chatting with Donald Trump, Robert Kiyosaki, or another famous person? Wouldn’t your friends be proud and honored to know you? People like to hear famous people and know people who know famous people, which leads me to the second secret. Remember, they don’t TVIO their radio when the commercials come on, but I’ll get to more about that later.



If you have your own radio show, famous people seek you out!


Famous people write books, make movies, write songs, produce music and videos, and a host of other products that they want you to talk about on your radio show. When you are a host of your own radio show, you can invite them by phone to be on your show. My good friend Steve Harrison has a publication RTIR (Radio and TV Interview Report) that you can get signed up for at his web site, and he will send you contact information on how to get famous guests and writers on your internet radio show.


This is where to get information on big name guests for your show.


By association is how people become famous and rich in America. It’s what you know about how to contact who you know. You become famous by knowing famous people. It’s just that simple.




People buy products from people who are famous and know famous people!


Imagine you on your radio show on the internet taking a short commercial break. The music pans down and the wonderful commercial plugs your book, your service, your name, and your bank account grows. Because you use secret 2, you now have greater credibility to sell your products or services on your own radio show.


This is how to brand your self so that you can earn more money.


You become your own brand to offer to stars that they will want to associate with because of Buzz (Talk about you in certain famous or powerful social circles). You get the Buzz working for you and your show becomes ‘Hot’ property!


After developing only a few shows, I used RTIR and some ‘Buzz’ with my own show and got big stars talking about me and listening to my show on the net! You can do the same thing with your show. All it takes is the desire to succeed and put action into doing it. Like Mariah Sings ‘Make It Happen”!

Larry King, Rush, Howard Stern, and countless others do this every day of the week, they brand themselves as a selection of products and entertainment. Look at most radio personalities. There is really nothing about some of them that makes them more handsome or beautiful, is there? They are on the radio show, looks don’t matter. It’s the talk that matters. And anyone can talk.




Use Affiliates Ads to get companies to send you checks for your web site.

Joining an affiliate program to put banner ads on your web site where your radio show is broadcast from, gives you money for clicks or when products sell. The link affiliate company tracks the click through from your web site by a code put into cookies, and you are mailed a check for your commission on the sales.


You can join one of these organizations from my web site at InstructionsToMoney.Net and we have a program to add these to your radio page when you broadcast with RIBN.


 How can you get more money so you can keep broadcasting your show, make tons of money, continue to sell your book, CD, Newsletter, or any thing you wish to sell?






Now you can, as the politicians say, do the math your self. I have included my figures below. These are not examples of what you may do, only a possible outcome if you succeed at the opportunity before you, but more on that later.


So you have your own show on Internet Radio. If you were on normal radio, it might cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars. So by being on the internet, blog-ing, my-space, and trough other PR techniques, You got a good amount of listeners.


Your show is one hour, but you are not talking for the whole hour, you are playing ads and news pieces in between talking segments. That is where more money comes in for you.


You can sell your advertising time for a few dollars. One 60 second spot on my show nationally costs over $1400.00 We have 5 national minutes so my show makes $6,600.00 an hour. That’s with only 5 minutes on the ABC Network Satellite feed.


So let’s say you decide to sell your ad time at RIBN for $600.00 a minute. RIBN puts the ad in for you and you get it all produced with little effort on your part other that finding some advertisers and talking on your show. RIBN gives you 10 minutes for your own ad time on your show. Other companies have other offers and charge more for their show time on the net (One even tried to sell me at $5,200.00 a show). So to add up your 10 minutes at your price per spot the total is $6,000.00 a show!


Now last time I checked there are 52 weeks in a year. 52 times $6,000.00 equals:

That’s $312,000.00 a year!


Now if you’re making that on one hour, couldn’t you double it on two? Why sure you could. Then your total would be $624,000.00 a year and you could do it from your home with a simple computer with only a few modifications.


I work with RIBN which I partially own, and they do every thing for me from mixing my show and also setting up achieves in mp3 pod cast format. RIBN is for doing the work for me. It saves me time to be able to talk with companies about advertising on my radio show so it is well worth the small investment for me to have RIBN doing it for me.


RIBN is the first network of it’s kind that provides media content for free to their hosts and reporters. With RIBN I don’t need any special equipment to get what I need done and they produce my content to some degree. They also allow music programming with a small annual fee for royalties for the music companies. ASCAP and BMI will allow you to play any other their song writer’s music for just a few hundred dollars a year in a license fee.


Now when you first get started, you may not be able to sell time at that price. You will need time to get known and build a listening audience, so lets say you sell your 10 minutes on your radio show for $100.00 each. That is still $1,000.00 a show and you would be making $52,000.00 a year! That is awesome if you ask me.




How to get free news content to add to your radio internet broadcast.


RIBN has resources such as Media Link, PR Web, and other providers that have free news or story segments that you can add to your show. Information about IRA’s or real estate are just one click away on the internet to be added to your show.


You can read the segments over the phone and have the audio put on your show, or some come in audio web ready formats already.


You can obtain more information from RIBN when you sign up for a show with them.


This is good content professionally done so you sound like the big networks and it is free because advertisers get their branding put into the news story with media link and they have already paid for the story to be produced. This makes it easy for you to have a professional show by using the resources on the web to make you sound like Fox News, ABC, or NBC with out having to hire the big staff to get the piece performed. They allow companies to use this as long as they are a news agency. Working with RIBN makes it easier because they are an internet news agency.


Your show on RIBN is syndicated and you are given every resource to get a quality broadcast up and running in as little time as possible. You can produce a show any way you like with RIBN with only tow exceptions:


Follow all FCC rules and NO FOWL, HATEFUL, OR LUDE LANGUAGE. RIBN is a network that is family friendly so you get more listeners and can sell your ad time to more companies.


With Radio Internet Broadcast Network you can do this all from home, only a few hours a week.


RIBN provides all the technology you will need other than a computer, an internet microphone hook up, a phone, and an idea for your show topic of interest. If you use BTR’s site you just need a phone and a computer with internet connection.




Ways you can say things that will make you more money.


Did you know that the ad agencies on Madison Avenue have psychologists that teach people how to say things in commercials that make them sell? The old ad for Chevrolet that said: “See the USA in YOUR brand new Chevrolet” was designed to make you think of the car as YOURS!

You can observe and hear the same things on infomercials on late night TV. The man with the British accent says: “Isn’t that great, Wow, that so amazing, wouldn’t you agree?”

These are what sales professionals call closing statements. Phrases of words that get people to buy their products or services. You can use these phrases in your presentation on your radio show to get people to buy your products also. The phrases I use are:


Isn’t it

Wasn’t it

Couldn’t it

Shouldn’t it

Isn’t that true

Don’t you think that’s true?


Wouldn’t you agree?


By having your commercials on a radio show and talking about your products to thousands of listeners on internet radio, using these phrases, you could sell a lot of products, wouldn’t you agree?

Of course you would because the natural response to this question is yes. That is the psychology of using these sentences to make a person want what you have on the radio.


With practice, you will learn to paint ideas and pictures in the minds of your listeners so that they will naturally go to your web site or call your ORDER LINE number. With this knowledge you can also create commercials for your advertisers and increase your marketability by knowing how to produce more customers responding to your advertiser’s spots on your radio show.


One other key phrase you’ll learn to use is a ‘Which’ Question. Now ‘which’ would you prefer, a one time payment of 9 hundred and 69 dollars or three easy payments of 5 sixty 5?

Notice that by using a ‘which’ question you do not have the options to say no. You only have a choice to pick between two purchase choices.


Can you see how powerful that can be? You can create small marketing seminars on your radio show to close a person to buy your books and products with out ever giving them the choice not to buy!


Ways to network with other authors and earn even more money.


By having your own radio show with RIBN you can meet authors, business persons, and writers who are on the same path to wealth as you. Some of them will be open to associations and partnerships of mutual benefit that will help you make more money. Once you have proven yourself as faithful allies and have them on your radio show, you can establish friendships so that you can network your interests and perhaps invest in businesses or real estate together. One of the greatest sales trainers in the world with books, courses, and a company that trains people to be successful, Zig Ziglar puts it this way:


“You can get anything in life you want,

if you help enough other people get what they want”


By helping others to get what they want, the same things as you want, fame, fortune, and the like, you can gain life long associations to make your dreams for financial freedom come true.


Where can you get products to sell on your radio show?


RIBN has relationship with RDJ Catalog, Home of the ‘Real Deal Jump’ and when you have your radio show on RIBN  you get a catalog, and with a sales tax ID #, you can earn money on products from you radio show when people call the 800 number and use your product ID. In this way, RIBN and RDJ Catalog are taking you on as a business partner to create another way for you to earn money.


RIBN has established relationships with companies that can get you items at wholesale price to have drop shipped direct to your customers. They also have a ORDER LINE number to take orders for you. So if you weighed up all the considerations and opportunity that is before you, wouldn’t you be wise to get your radio show on RIBN?  Other internet radio stations do not have near the connections with broadcast venues. National Radio Network, CRN Cable Radio Network, and just look at the guests on my show at Instructions To Money Radio at my web site www.InstructionsToMoney.Net! We have had Robert Kiyosaki, Mark Victor Hansen, Carleton Sheets, and other famous authors who have seen the benefits of just a one hour show on the radio. Why do they come on with me? Because they know that getting more people to HEAR THEM TALK SELLS MORE OF THEIR BOOKS! Now how about you write a book?


Go to my friend’s page for info on how to get your own book and tips on how to write the book within you:   Self Publish Your Book Here:  Outskirtspress

If you want to do it fast online and do EBooks

Another great way to monetize your show is to submit copies to AM & FM radio stations to carry your show. We will give you a network standard time clock once you get signed up for your radio show so you can do your interviews via the time clock. Take the mp3 copies and rip CD’s with your windows media player which you can get free from our web site. We will even give you a link to one of the most comprehensive radio station lists on the internet with your order. With your own radio show you can invite people to download your mp3 as a pod cast to their mp3 player and get them to carry your show with them where ever they go.


Now if you’re ready for your own radio show, Read on:


If you don’t have your own radio show yet, Go To and get one! They have directions on what you need to know about them after you sign up. ALL YOU NEED IS A PHONE LINE AND A COMPUTER. This is free, they do offer paid internet radio shows, but no need for that now, just get the free one and sign up for their RevShare program so you can make some money.





Welcome to the big time world of Broadcast Announcing! Now What?


So now you have your own show on and you may feel a bit lost with all that is before you and have questions that are not in the FAQ. That is why I wrote this information tip sheet eBook to fill in the gaps. Remember that you control your show and it’s content. Although the internet has few restrictions that you might find in a normal terrestrial AM or FM station, if you want to expand your fame and gain Affiliates (AM, FM, or satellite networks that broadcast your show) you will need to run your show in a professional manor. The first thing is if you are an adult show, with foul language, you should rate it adult in the options when you add a segment in the dash board controls when scheduling your shows. This is important in that there are children on the internet under 18 that can not listen to adult language or content. If you want to be picked up on AM & FM stations you must comply with FCC rules also. That is why Howard Stern moved to satellite radio. Radio Stations pay fines for foul words on the air and announcers MUST HAVE AN FCC LICENSE to broadcast on AM or FM stations but NOT ON THE INTERNET. Many announcers have lost their licenses with the FCC or have had the license suspended for breaking FCC rules on AM & FM.


If you want to be on AM or FM and attract affiliate stations to play your show you need to get an FCC 3rd Class Broadcast Endorsed license. There is a short test and a small fee with helps and study material at www.FCC.Gov .




Next you will want to get material for your show that may help you sound like the big time radio stations. The following links are for public service messages and PSA’s ( Public Service Announcements) which on AM & FM are required to comply with FCC rules. Some of the links are for sound bites on non-profit organizations or political action groups that hold no political ties to any party, but want to influence public opinion through sound bites as PSA’s.  US Gov site provides PSA’s   Provides Facts on some subjects    Provides free news segments tied to company’s small plugs.


Along with audio contents and some sound effects, a little background music you can sound like a big network show with just a little practice with your sound upload section of your BTR provided services. You should sign up for the REVSHARE program also so you can earn money and sell ad spots on your show also. Go to the REVSHARE page at Blog Talk Radio and Copy the Media kit, Rate Card, and email links for the advertising department and paste them into your web site so the Advertising staff can start selling commercials on your BTR show. You can also promote and refer ad customers and make 35% to 50% of your ad dollars. You can also contact sponsors and get some big companies to be the featured sponsor of your show. You should contact the Advertising department at for more information.

So now you have some content, the potential to sell your show Idea to the big networks, but you need guests to interview.


Most stars and famous people have publicists who handle their guest bookings on radio and TV. 99% of all radio interviews are done by telephone and the others are in studio. Since BTR provides you the switchboard to take callers, you can have say Carrie Underwood on your show by having her call in to your listener number 5 to 10 minutes before you go live. 

I have had famous stars provide sound bites for my shows and many BTR hosts have had guests like Shirley McClain. So where do they get these guests numbers and publicists on the phone to schedule the interview? Well I am going to tell you. But first, I am going to try to direct you with a caution and some sound advice.

1. Do not act like a fan or starry eyed idiot. ACT PROFESSIONAL!  When you email these folks make your email precise and factual, or keep your phone call brief. when I contact the writer or stars PR people I ask for a media kit, online reference material, and set a date for the interview a week or two ahead of time. You may want a script and practice what you are going to say. IT IS EASY TO MAKE THESE PEOPLE ANGRY AND GET YOUR BLACK BALLED! Hollywood people are ego maniacs. Some of the PR people are very busy and can be short at times with people dealing with 500 phone calls a day asking for them to be on a show. You must sound like you know what you are doing and have a professional voice. Here is a good example of what I use on the phone:

Hello, my Name is Dan Merrick from Instructions To Money Radio show, we are on the internet, CRN, and several AM & FM affiliates. My web site is at Instructions To and we wanted to invite ______________________ (author or stars name) to be on our show on ____________ (dateS – pick two so that you show flexibility) Could you send me a MEDIA KIT and some sample questions to give me an Idea of what you want to promote on our show?

The Publicist will ask you some questions about your show like how many listeners you have, I always say that the networks we are on have over 2 million listeners a month since that is the current statistics on Blog Talk Radio and with my other affiliate rebroadcasts, it gets actually higher than that. Remember that you are equal with the star in this instant, if you do not act like a start that knows stars, you will flub this and not get anywhere but on the DO NOT ANSWER OR RETURN CALLS LIST that every PR agency has. Remain calm and do not act like a teenager that is just trying to get an autograph and you will get the booking. You can jump up and down after you get off the phone.

2. Don’t call more than once or twice to get the guest that you talk to someone. As a rule of thumb I call once to get a media kit and once after I get the kit and read it. Authors will send you a copy of their book and some media information such as their background and sample questions they suggest that announcers on the radio ask. You can use these kits to gain insight into what and how to ask questions on your show. When you interview them you can tell them you’re a fan or how you liked their book. I suggest you read their material completely. It shows when you do the interview if you have not read their book. Many seasoned professionals can do an interview without any prep, but you should not risk this unless you have had at least 5 years in the broadcast industry.

3. Do not spread these numbers all over the world for everyone to see. They get enough prank calls and fan calls every day. You do not want to tie up their phones with cranks and nuts. Remember that people like MAKE A WISH foundation are using these lists to call for dying children’s last wish to see or meet these stars. That will help keep things in prospective.

4. If the answer is no, then say thank you and maybe some other time when the star has time perhaps they can make your show. Begging is not professional and rarely gets what you want. You just look stupid and get on the “LIST”. I do not mean the “A” list either.

So here is the contact bible for the industry provided in a email list to broadcasters on the internet: The Radio and TV Interview Report is a publication from my friend Steve Harrison who has been in the industry for many years. He conducts publicity summits in New York City two to three times a year that authors and stars pay $5,000.00 to attend so they can meet all the network producers for shows like Oprah, The View, Fox & Friends, Good Morning America, and all the leading networks and radio shows. If you have a book or business to plug and want to be taunted as an expert talking head on TV or Radio, RTIR is the source to get an ad for about $500 to $1000 and your PR info will be plastered all over the industry with radio program directors and station managers. Show hosts like me have been using RTIR to get guests for years and the magazine is sent to many radio stations monthly to promote books and show guests. Just sign up online for their broadcasters list and you will get emails on the PR info and show ideas and topics. I have served on a panel with RTIR publicity summits and have found great guests for my show using this source exclusively.

Promotion For Your Show

Next you may want to get the word out about whom you are, your show topic, and find other promotional venues for your fame. Besides using the above RTIR for an ad about your show, the following links are for PR press releases on the web. Some charge a fee and other let you list for free. You will need to learn how to write a release in acceptable format. You can visit my web site press room or read releases on the net at many sites including the ones below. Some of these sites have instructions on writing press releases. You can use these links to contact papers, radio stations, and TV networks. You must have your own media kit in order to do this. A one sheet it is often called for books or show ideas. Make sure it is professional looking and printed on quality paper with a nice folder that isn’t cheap looking. One of the best resources for getting interviews and developing a PR kit is my media consultant Alex Carroll who has sold books and products on radio shows and never paid for an interview. His best course is well worth the money to be able to have a complete experts advise in how to do a media kit, how to get an interview, and get free advertising by promoting your fame. Here is the link to his site and please tell him that Dan Merrick sent you. He is a great guy who has helped me and a lot of people to do great things. My present radio show is due to me taking Alex’s course and I highly recommend it to everyone. TV & Radio Publicity by: Alex Carroll 


Here is a list of Press Release sources that you can also use to help promote your show once you have a good release written:

(you can also use this to get write ups about your books or show. Call radio stations to see about booking a live interview). TIP: Read it out loud like you are on the radio to see if it sounds good. You can find errors this way and make your PR sound better. Use spell check to insure you are not sending a bad release that will make you look bad.

Using your show to make money


Remember that you must comply with the terms of service or pay for your show under the business provisions from blog Talk Radio found on their web site. But on your web site you can promote free telephone seminars and use them to sell your books, radio ads, and eBooks.


You can get people to sign up by email and then invite them to a conference call where you can use a script along with a web page and pay pal link to buy your product or service online. Many people I know have made hundreds of thousands of dollars just doing telephone seminars.


Here is a gift to you, a totally free teleseminar line to market your ideas and make money: 


Here is what I use on the teleseminar line and you can do the same and sign people up for their own radio shows on RIBN:  This is the 7 secrets seminar page. You can keep this in your bookmarks for future reference. Just let me know when you are going to have a seminar to promote RIBN and all the sales will be worth $50.00 each for you. Then we will send them an email with this eBook attached and forward your earnings via pay pal to you.


You can use your BTR flash player to promote your show on Facebook or MySpace by adding the code to your page. There are code copy text boxes on you profile page. Copy the text and paste it into the HTML of you page editor under the code tab. by publishing it to your web sites, and offering the code on your web site, you can increase your links.


To see an example of how I do a banner exchange free on my site you can visit the following link and sign up to promote your show here

I share banners and text links for those who want to promote their web sites with me in exchange for giving me a clear link on their web site. You can do the same and join similar programs all over the web. Just Google “banner exchange” and you will find hundreds of sites that do this for free.


One of the ways many people start making money with internet radio is by setting up their computer to stream a station. You can get some advantages with this method in that you can make your own rules. You can also pay your own license fees for music which is one of the reasons that talk radio on the net may be better if you take this route. Still the opportunity to sell air time to others and commercial advertisers makes this a good way to earn cash if you are a go getter. provides streaming technology for shout cast, windows, and other formats for as little as $20 to $30 a month. Here are some links that can help you sell ads, do shout casts, and get plug ins to handle logging which you will need if you are going to see commercial spots. Logs should be provided to music licensing performance rights and royalty agents, commercial advertisers, and the FCC if requested. I will also include in these links FREE radio station software sources that are on the net for download for radio stations to stream Am & FM stations. You can use these programs and gain funds as a consultant setting up stations computers and internet streams and make a lot of money.  Shout Cast Win Amp plug in for logging.  Make Money for blogger & Blog Radio Sites. Set up to get or advertise commercials on AM/FM or Internet Radio. Great for you ad campaigns, or to make money for selling your unsold time on radio or internet stations using a reverse bid process. Several methods for stations and advertisers. Free Trial Software. Music for shout casters. Free Christian Contemporary Music. Free software for recording on your computer to do ads and mix music. This program is sweet! Shoutcast winamp download and info on streaming to AOL shoutcast servers. The coolest free software, need the plug ins to connect on the net, for AM/FM right through sound board in computer in stereo. Ice cast if you like this method. Expensive in my opinion but some like this software. See how others are doing it, this chimpsy guy is funny and weird. See how others do talk and learn. CRN (Cable Radio Network) digital talk section, get on brokered AM & see here how to get on Cable TV Radio Stations. Radio Station Ad Bureau, get ads & more direct response information. Per Inquiry Ads. Directory of stations. Get your product on radio with google. Get shows or get a rep to help syndicate your show here.





Many internet radio stations do shout casts and other streaming stations that offer talk and music. You can join them for a monthly fee or use my radio station for a small one time fee of $197.95 and we will add you to our programming on weekly bases. Through an arrangement with Blog Talk Radio we broadcast shows that do not have adult contents or curse words since we offer AFN tuners to our troops overseas. RIBN Radio Internet Broadcast Network pays a one time fee to BTR for rebroadcast rights to help promote shows and the BTR web hosts. You can also find other resources to get your show on networks and the staff at Blog Talk Radio is actively working to bring new programs and contacts for the hosts and listeners of Blog Talk Radio. As things develop, you can become one of the featured shows that help to build the best state of the art web radio citizens broadcast system ever created. Having you show on a 24/7 streaming network can help gain listeners and we share commercial revenues through the RevShare agreement at BTR. So when you sign up with revenue sharing program and RIBN, you get an additional source of income for your show. Here is the link to RIBN station page with a link to sign up through pay pal and get your show on their network.


In addition anyone you refer to RIBN to sign up will earn you $50.00 in commission. So you can easily pay for your sign up fee by finding 4 others to sign up for their show to be rebroadcast on RIBN.


Make a Web Site to Make Money


One of the greatest way to earn money is by selling products from your web site. You can not add these to your BTR site or blog page, but on your own nickel so to speak at your web site you can add a retail store and make money for less than $20.00 of set up costs. You can also get banner ads and earn commissions for sites like the ones below.


Sign up for banner ads to make click money at:

Linkshare Corporation  or at Google Adsense. There is also Commission Junction to get ads for your site and Google Ad Words to pay to promote your web site for any amount you set up with them. Next you will want to join Amazon as an affiliate at the associate level. This way you can make a profit when you have other authors on your show and sell their book right from your web page. You can also pick out unique productions to add to your offering on your radio show. The nice thing about this is you get a profit for the sale, but someone else ships the product and all the work is done for you.  Then Get A domain Name here and forward it to your Amazon page to make money & advertise your retail site on your radio show!

  Domain Name Registration at 120x60

You can also have a web page designed at Amazon for hosting and just forward your great domain name to that page by selecting forward at your go daddy domain control panel.


Commercials For Your Show, Business, or Book

If you have a product to promote on your show, you may want to get a professional commercial done at an audio studio or radio station. RIBN will do a commercial for $100.00 and you can contact me for information. To listen to some of our work here are links to listen:    RadioBioAds_files\NewBookI2Mny07.wma               RadioBioAds_files\RDJ29sec.mp3    RadioBioAds_files\Bouma_Mix.mp3     Right Click & SAVE TARGET AS

You can put your commercial on Blog Talk Radio by contacting them at the following links.

media kit and rate card. Contact Ad Dept.


You can reach me at 814-887-5895 or by email at

I will be glad to help you with any questions you may have and help you get ideas for commercials or content.




It is important to have structure with your radio show and use the great tools that BTR has provided to upload sound effects, music, or commercials for your radio show. Insure that you have permission to broadcast them first by joining the right program paying for your ad time. Still there are other sources for you to broadcast separate from BTR that I will provide to you later in this eBook.


A network clock is how most radio stations plan the program and how to arrange a show. Many stations have feeds from networks for news that are cued to start at a certain time and the announcer has no choice but to be tight on time. While talking on the radio remember that DEAD AIR IS LOST MONEY.  When the announcer or host isn’t talking people lose interest and that can cause people to change channels to something else. Just keep that in mind as you plan your show and commercial times. To help you do that, here is a Network Clock schedule that is used for networks:

This is the network clock to plan your show:

00 Start Station ID (00:10:33)

05 Commercial Spots (Your ad time)

05:10:33 to 11 Program (Opener- intro – voice over … Host)

11 to 14 spots (network )    (RIBN ADS 3 Min.)

14 to 21 program   (10 sec. Music intro – voice over … Host)

21 to 24 Spots (tone 25 hz local avail)  Local Station (RIBN 3 Min. Local ID & 60 Sec Web Site Promo)

24 to 29:50 program  (10 sec. Music intro – voice over … Host)

29:50 (25 and 35 hz tone both are separate) (ID)

10 sec Station ID (network ID)

30 to 42 program (10 sec. Music intro – voice over … Host)

42 to 44 spots (RIBN 1 min.  Yours 1 min. )

44 to 51 program    (10 sec. Music intro – voice over … Host)

51 to 54 spots (tone 25 hz local avail) (Your Spots 3 Min.)

54 to 58:00  (10 sec. Music – voice over … Host)

58:50 to 59:50 spot (Yours 1 min.)  Network Image Id

59:50 (tone 25Hz followed by 35Hz tone one second later Brake out tone ) :60:00

Phrases to use for commercial breaks:

Script: You listening to ___________________ (your show name) on the radio internet broadcast network, we'll be back after these messages from our sponsors. We'll be right back after this short break...... Most of these or a short word about a guest if you have one like "we'll talk more with _______________________ (your guests name) after this.<<  If you do everything you can to provide ITune & RSS feeds with BTR, you will become a syndicated show in no time at all. As an officially a SYNDICATE radio show. That means your show is on more than one station world wide on the internet and available for download on podcasts with ITUNES, MP3, and RSS Feeds from your BlogTalkRadio page. Contact local stations once you’re good enough; you may get added by AM & FM affiliates.

Copyrights & Music

If it is your music you can play it all day long. If it is not you have to comply with the law and pay a license fee to ASCAP, BMI, or SEASAC. They run a couple hundred dollars each, but if you want to play music, you will need it. You can play your own music that you write and record if you are a musician. See the information below for details on the current laws and where to get licenses: (Note that on RIBN we pay all royalties for our station).


ABOUT MUSIC LEGAL REQUIREMENTS: Musical compositions and sound recordings are creative works that are protected by the copyright laws of the United States (title 17, U.S. Code) and other countries. Under U.S. law, the owner of a copyright has the exclusive right to (and to authorize others to) reproduce the work, use parts of the work in a new creation, distribute the work in whole or in part, and to publicly display or perform the work (including on web pages and through webcasting). With few exceptions, it is illegal to reproduce, distribute or broadcast a sound recording without the permission of the copyright owner. It is your responsibility to comply with the copyright laws when you become a webcaster.

There have been recent amendments to the copyright law regarding webcasting of sound recordings. These new provisions allow webcasting under the terms of a statutory license, as a way to help webcasters get permission without having to go to each sound recording's owner. The statutory license, however, has strict requirements that you must follow. Some of these requirements include the payment of license fees, limitations on the number of songs from the same album or artist that may be played in a three hour period (called the sound recording performance complement); a prohibition on publishing advance play lists; and a requirement to identify the song, artist and album on the website. There are other requirements as well. The Recording Industry Association of America provides quite a bit of information on copyright law as it applies to webcasting, and both ASCAP and BMI have created license agreements that they are willing to grant to webcasters that they believe conform to the provisions of the new copyright rules for webcasting. For additional information on the statutory license and other aspects of webcasting, please visit the following sites:

  STEALING, LEACHING OR COPIES OF ANYTHING FROM THIS WEB SITE IS AGAINST THE LAW AND WILL BE PROSECUTED: COPYRIGHT LAW CLICK HERE! That includes music and you can be charged and have to pay a fine with a minimum of $100,000 for not paying royalties for airplay of music on your radio show.

Brokered Stations

One of the ways that some local AM & FM stations get hosts is to sell their air time to hosts who will sell advertising and give them an opportunity to have their own shows. These are on a first come first served bases so I can not guarantee that you will get a show through these links. Last I checked with them they had open slots for a price. Insure that you read any agreement before you sign on the dotted line and commit to a bill for air time. If they have an agreement to sign, you may want to get your lawyer to look it over first.


WMET 1160 Washington DC is looking for quality radio programming to add to our line-up under a brokered time arrangement.  Hour time slots range from $300-$500. 

If you have any interest or questions, please contact me.

Bob Appel

WMET  1160



Valerie Silver

WWPR 1490am


Please tell them that Dan Merrick sent you to them. I don’t get anything for this; I just want them to know that I am helping to promote them. This helps me when I want to be on their radio shows and promote my books and shows. You can find others in the links above or through search engines on the net.


If you have the net worth and credit to own your station, you can find open licenses at the FCC or you may want to contact Roger Rafson who requires that you meet financial standards and a review before he will send you a list of stations he has for sale.

Brokerage, Inc. Station Brokers for Small and Medium Market Broadcasters

(412) 421-2600;  (412) 421-6001 fax

1831 Murray Ave., Suite 216

Pittsburgh, PA  15217


You can find out a radio stations reach and see maps of its air market along with other information at you might want to pay for ratings and information on demographics at you can also see other ratings info and stations that subscribe get bigger dollars for their ad time. 

Finally Go To This Link and put my banners on your pages every where you can. The RIBN banner is on this page. Copy the code and put it into your MySpace profile for your BTR Player and on any pages you can. If you have a book sale page and no banner yet, send me the link, I will load your banner to this page and you can promote your show everywhere with it. IF you don’t have a banner you can have one made for free at MySpace or send it to me and I will help you if you need one.

There are also banner exchange and EBay helps at my friend’s

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We contribute a portion of the proceeds from our internet earnings to charity at our web sites. You can find the links at my radio show web page that can also help you with ideas and money making tips and resources.

Now go to and get yourself an expert page and go to and get added as a rated publisher or radio show. You can also get your Ecommerce web site added and provide coupons and use other tools to help promote your business or products at 


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