How RDJ Miner Began

During the pandemic we sought to bring a combination of ideas and engineering of advanced systems Dr. Merrick had developed into real world practice. Dr. Merrick in early 2000 began RDJ Catalog, Inc. as a marketing and direct sales company with real estate holdings. In 2004 he began building a HHO Water burning 10 Cyl Engine that he installed into a Ford Excursion truck. Before the coversion, the truck got 11MPG and after conversion it got 58 city and 70 highway. By making a high-breed with water in place of electric, we bypassed the grid that used coal and nuclear which can damage the enviorment. Some say windmills are an answer, BUT, In Pennsylvania many wind mills need to be modified to help preserve the American Eagles who are often killed by the spinning blades. Dr. Merrick proposed a “bird screens” that would allow airflow and protect birds from flying into the blades.

Solar panel light to electric generation is a good supply in sunny areas, but where cloud cover reduces output, solar is not consistant.

In areas where water can be mined through wells, and then processed by distilling, the HHO systems can become a great source for replacement of natural gas, oil and grid based electric.

RDJ Miner is a crypto mining operation in Bradford and Smethport Pennsylvania designed to use heat from mining rigs along with HHO to create a combined solar and grid power system to run bit coin mining rigs. Rigs are systems of computer hash boards used to verify transactions of the cryptocurrency network of decentralized exchanges of the electronic money.

By using Dan’s pending design patented engineering rigs, RDJ Miner can create income, heat, energy and distilling operations to bring clean water and green house agriculture to the total operations facilities. When combined methods are used to engineer a green based production facility, the products produced are insured business success with crypto backed income and sales of energy and produce.

Using HHO systems to design electric car charging stations where the grid is not present, combined solar systems and mine bitcoins, charge cars and provide clean water and other products with lower costs than those of traditional systems. Green energy and Green Houses can be built side by side with lower operating costs by unsing bit coin mining to supplement the local economy and pay for system construction.

In the near future, companies like SpaceX will be harvesting astroids where water is found and use these resources like minerals and metals to bring new expansion of space based business to facilitate colonies on the Moon and Mars. Human-kind’s move into a space based economy can go hand in hand with our inovation and move to the stars.

When money dried up during the covid pandemic, Dr. Dan used ideas to create wealth to help feed the hungry and give aid to the people of Ukraine before the war started. Now that the pandemic scare is over in America, we hope to bring our mining ideas to life and give even more to help the world.

Please visit the “Invest Page” and give a look at what we can do together if we only try.

See TOS for Disclaimers on Dealithiumcoin.Com – and 1MericaExchange. The Above example is for demonstration purposes of possible earnings and is for illustration which is not actual mining earnings due to changes in BTC price on the exchange markets which varies. This calculator with disclaimers was provided by Nicehash for potential calculation examples and is not meant to show any real earnings which may vary. The above calculator results are based on the rate of BTC at the time of calculation at 1000 S19 mining rigs in a grid facility at .073 cents per KWH. Market values of BTC varies.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is, we can produce a 100% ROI with a less than 1% carbon footprint mining rig operation that will generate passive income returns of 1000% over 7 to 10 years from $2MM of investor seed startup. The overall gross ROI on a $20MM facility is projected to be 1200% at $200MM. Our plan is to build 100 facilities over 10 years and yield $4 Trillion in assets. So the question is what would you do with $4 Trillion dollars in assets and market cap ? The answer is simple: anything we can imagine. Dream big and as Dr Merrick said in his first book “Instructions To Money“: “The only way to surely fail, is never really try”.

Our Idea: Water + Sun = $$$$