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RDJ President Dan Merrick Endorses John McCain For President 02-22-08

Breakfast With The President 9-18-07

Ask Money Doctor 9-10-07 Now for the Truth About ‘The Secret’ By Daniel W Merrick Ph.D.

RDJCatalog.Com President Announces RDJ Catalog, Inc. Restructuring To Go IPO Powered By Sept. 2, 2007

RDJ Catalog, Inc. Presidents Book "Instructions To Money: From Welfare To Millionaire" On Google Book Search 09/01/2007

Aug. 28, 2007 RDJC Corp. President Meets with Senator Specter

PR Web News Release 10-13-2006 10:15AM Radio Show 'Instructions To Money'

CRN To Broadcast Author Daniel Merrick, Ph.D. Host Of Syndicated Radio Show 'Instructions To Money' Oct. 5, 2006

On Amazon 'Instructions To Money, From Welfare To Millionaire'. March 7, 2006

Affiliate Ads on ‘Real Deal Jump’ featured content marketing for publishing and syndication. March 14, 2006.

Ferrets Unlimited Selects Site for New Shelter, RDJ Catalog, Inc. Announces Ebay Mission Fish Fundraiser. March 15, 2006.

Media Kit Instructions To Money

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Instructions To Money Ask Money Doctor 3-17-06

Instructions To Money Ask Money Doctor 3-24-06

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