Affiliate Ads on ‘Real Deal Jump’ featured content marketing for publishing and syndication.


March 14, 2006 – Smethport, Pennsylvania RDJ Catalog, Inc. announced that the “Real Deal Jump’ logo brand had been attracting affiliate advertisers to there media marketing campaign. PR rep for RDJ Catalog Igor Merrick reported that “Carleton H. Sheets, Dish Network, and Enterprise Rent-A-Car, just to name a few, have been attracted to the RDJ logo.”

RDJ Catalog has been enhancing their media marketing affiliates incorporated with their web presence to help market books and the announced syndication of the ‘Ask Money Doctor’ weekly press advice column on money and small business issues. AskMoneyDoctor.Com is a new approach to helping small businesses to gain ideas and answers to questions about money and finance issues. Security, personal finance, and start up entrepreneurs are just a few areas that RDJ is hoping to report on in their weekly news articles. A BBoard and chat area has been added to the web site to help increase customer service and communication

Among upcoming products are a new Bible version on CDROM and ebook entitled the ‘Sacred Name King James Version’. RDJ President Yuri Merrick also stated that negotiations with Higginson Books, a Genealogical publisher, were underway for a new title ‘The History and Genealogy of Merrick’. This book documents the genetic and phonetic genealogy of the Jewish and European Merrick family line which will be marketed to historical societies and research libraries for The Merrick Foundation by Higginson Books.

Dan Merrick, CFO also announced that the stock valuation for this corporation which is not traded publicly, had risen one penny from one dollar per share to $1.01 with the onset of new advertising and media income.

When asked if he would be seeking 504 investments he stated: “We have no need for 504 investments with our present guidance, but that does not mean that we would not consider it in the future. RDJ Catalog has shifted its investment strategy to be more real estate centric since using the Carleton H. Sheets methods in his ‘No Down Payment’ course. RDJ has added over 950k to the gross worth and a net worth of over 7 million. New product lines and affiliate relationships with Linkshare Corporation have increased the bottom line.” Dan is also the author of ‘Instructions To Money. From Welfare To Millionaire’ published by Outskirts Press. The book will be on Amazon.Com in April 2006. Dan will also be writing for ‘Ask Money Doctor’.

Olga Merrick, COB said “The overall trend in small business and private corporations is to diversify holdings and develop assets and market share in consumer products for business that will give them an edge to the emerging investor based economy. Many work at home mothers such as me are looking for quick ways to expand time management friendly purchasing. RDJ Catalog and the ‘Real Deal Jump’ is evenly spread with advertisers who seek wider demographics for both business and home needs. ”

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