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"To achieve your dreams and goals to become financially independent you may come to this realization: Money doesn't grow on trees, it grows in brains. The greatest unexplored space is between your ears. Ideas and creativity are the spark that will lead you to become what ever your heart desires. Your results may vary from others, and my own. You may achieve your goals faster or slower. The important thing is that you stay on the road to success in what ever endeavor you choose. In my book I write about a 3 step process to achieving a millionaire net worth: MEET, LEARN, DUPLICATE. RDJ Catalog, Inc. is in the planning stage of a major expansion into the US and Canada. We are looking for Senior level managers to supervise regional offices. We want people who want their own business to mentor. Become a millionaire with us if you have what it takes to succeed. We provide the opportunity. What you do with it is up to you."

 Dan Merrick, RDJC, Inc. President. 

We Offer:

 TEAMWORK We value and recognize the contributions of others and look for ways to collaborate. We treat our colleagues, vendors and partners with respect. We think critically but are not critical of others. We are supportive, authentic, candid, and direct in our communications. We are objective and fair. We listen to and learn from one another. We model the behaviors we expect from others. We teach direct marketing that works like a script for a movie.

EXCELLENCE We aspire to be our best and apply ourselves with rigor to the goals we have set. We recognize and esteem excellence in others and ourselves. We are guided by the achievement of results and the attainment of our goals. We invent and innovate. We create an environment that allows people to excel.

PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY We take personal responsibility for our work. We get results through our individual initiative and drive. Everyday it's up to each of us to make a difference. We ask ourselves throughout the day what can I do to make a difference at RDJ? We each take personal responsibility to make RDJ all that it can be and we take responsibility for each other and our work environment.

SENSE OF URGENCY We do today what can be done today. Our mission, to develop human achievement that improve people's lives, is so important that each day matters. We are committed to our work, strive to consistently meet deadlines and apply pride and enthusiasm to our assignments. Our colleagues and partners can count on us to deliver.

FOCUS We are unwavering in our desire to succeed. We approach our work with an intensity of mind and spirit. We operate with the highest level of ethics and integrity. Quality is the cornerstone for all of our endeavors. We are committed to creating value for our employees, partners, stockholders and our customers.

TRAINING We offer all our associates and executives initial instruction in operational skill development as well as long term on the job instruction. We seek to always foster the nurturing atmosphere of respect in all interactions.

FUN We are optimistic about our future. We have chosen to work at RDJ because we believe in what we can accomplish together. Our colleagues are often our friends and we enjoy working together. We enjoy company rewards for achievement by going on special training vacations that include fun and family in a comfortable recreational environment that fosters business creativity and inspiration. We travel and relax together as a reward for a job well done.

INCOME Opportunity is the key word surrounding RDJ's earnings structure. We are given both salary and bonus programs to enhance commission scales and depending on initiative, there is no limit to the amount we earn at RDJ.

AWARDS   With every step toward our goal, we are given the rewards of self worth in how we feel about our achievements. Happiness and joy becomes a part of the environment we work in when our goals and successes are recognized. We have regular contests and prizes to help inspire greatness.

If you are interested in starting a great new career and making a potential six figure income & benefits doing it ,click Here to send me your resume attached.

Word or PDF formats are preferred. Or you may call me at 814-887-5895

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