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Amazon Store Listing

Kindle World Wide Listing in all languages

Full Accounting and Quarterly Royalties

Recognition as an Author, Artist, or Band

Support and Editing to put your book in stylish format

Cover Design to attract sales

Public Relations Services to help promote your book

Free PR Consult to help you get book signings and press

We are not a self publishing service. We provide you with our recognized publishers logo in business since 1993.

Eternal Light & Power Company Publishing and Records has media contacts and it's own PR Firm to help you

along the way. You will only need to pay a one time set up fee of $300.00 to establish your press and rapid return

service, and an annual fee of $39.95 to list with book stores. (Prices subject to change, we charge you what they charge us).




How can we do this when other publishing houses charge $500 to $5000 to self publish?


ELPCo. can do this because we do not accept all submissions. We accept only those who have been approved by

our content review specialists.We want to see if your book or music is marketable, or will it sell. Once you are approved,

we will forward a contract to you for the rights to publish your book. Once it is returned and signed and your initial fees are

paid, then we take your MS word doc and edit content for formatting. On each sale of your book, Eternal Light & Power Company

takes a percentage, average is 10% to 15% as our profit. The rest of the profit is sent quarterly via pay pal or a check to you.

What will my book sell for?

ELPCo. will evaluate the price points on your book or music, and sell it for the highest price we think the market will buy your

book at. Some of the pricing is dependent on page count, content, and subject matter. Your price and profit for sales will

vary depending on where your book sells at. For Example, a book on Amazon direct sales may give you a profit of $10 for

your book. Yet at Barnes and Nobel the same book will only have a profit of $4.00. This is because retail store have

a discount percentage at about 55% and the printer costs added together with the overall price will reduce the profit.


Will I be charged back for returns?


With some of the sources we market your book or CD there may be returns. The Item returned will be kept in the warehouse

for future sales. If during your quarterly report for royalties the returned item is sold again, then you will see no charge back

for that item. Everything we do is PRINT ON DEMAND, so if you are making an effort to advertise yourself and your book,

your sales should be regular and you should have no problems with large amounts of returns being charged back. We only

charge back the profit to you and the printing cost. Our services include some NO RETURN outlets also to help keep your

costs down and your royalties high.


How much money will I make per book sale?


On Average each book sold will give the author about $1 to $10 per book depending on venue or store sold in and

based on the retail price. Copies sold in stores like Borders and Barns & Noble stores or web sites will yield less than

on Amazon or the ELPCo web page store. We also publish music and calendars for charity and for businesses.


How much do you make on my book?


Since all our profits go to a charity, we make nothing. Our charity makes about $1.00 per book and we add our

charity contribution onto your price. When a book sales on Amazon, we forward the profit to you less our $1.00

in charity cost to you. At the end of the year we provide you with a 501 C 3 Tax receipt so you can write off the

contribution part on your taxes.


Can I buy my own book for public speaking or for media kits?


Yes. You will be given a special price so that you can account for a direct profit from appearance book sales. This will not

include book signings where the book stores will buy direct from us, and have the books on hand at the store for you to sign.

If you go to a church, event, or public speaking engagement, you will be able to preorder books to put the profit direct into your



Will my book be on EBook or Digital content sites?


Yes. We will put it on KINDLE so that it can be downloaded in digital format and if your book is approved for additional

sites, we will also publish it in Hard Cover and PDF download protected formats. The average price for this content is from

$4.00 to $9.99 USD. Some sites will allow a higher price if the content commands it.


Do You Pay Advances?


No. We will publish for you and be your publisher, we do not pay any advances. Some big publishing houses will pay an

advance starting at $5000 and go up from there for authors who have proven track records of best selling books. We are

a family owned corporation that contributes 100% of our profit to charity for a 501(C) (3) Ministry. So we can not afford

to pay advances at this time.


What does the $339.95 fee pay for?


It pays for your first 3 proofs of the book and the editing time. You will also get a web page with content like the one

at the left for the books we now market for sale. The web page, account set up, and other costs are covered in this fee.

As in above paragraph on advances, we are a non-profit group, so we only charge what we need to in order to get your

book to market. Part of the fee goes to the PRINT ON DEMAND and Publishing fees that we are charged to set up the

book store order accounts. Any advertising or promotion beyond that, is up to you.


How do I promote my Book or Music.


We suggest that you subscribe to and have them do a marketing plan for you for a monthly fee. Any ads

you want in magazines, listed with book promotions, or news papers is at your own expense. We do not promote your book

to stores or purchasing outlets, that is where you will come in. A PR Firm like VIPPR can get you contacts for TV and Radio

interviews, but you have to lead them to the web site and make them want to buy your book. VIPPR is the most reasonable

of all the PR firms out there with only $150 a month to help get you on TV and get your book or music heard. If you want

a booking agent or manager who will get you gigs or book signings, then you will have to find other sources. 


How do I get started?


Press the CONTACT button on the LEFT and send Dan an email and he will get in touch with you within 48 hours. Include

your phone number and you can attach a chapter of your book, proposed title, and any information on the book that will help

us make a decision about publishing your content or not.


After you send the chapter to Dan, Just click the PayPal button below and pay your initial fee of just $339.95

to set up your account. Any non approved book fees will be refunded.


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CAP rights marketing is where we put your content on the market for sale to other big publishing houses or record companies

that review our published works to see if they are interested in owning your content. All our authors and singers are put on CAP

programs and all contacts are forwarded to you direct. You are given a full accounting of our costs and fees so you can better

negotiate your royalties and advances that they may offer. We act as your agent and if your content is selected and sold or

and agreement is signed, we take a 1% to 5% fee for our charity. We suggest the you get a good entertainment lawyer before signing any

CAP agreements or selling any rights to your book, CD, music, or royalties. When you sign with us, YOUR ARE NOT SELLING

THE RIGHTS TO YOUR COPYRIGHTED BOOK. We will obtain a new copyright to insure that you and ELPC is protected.

All your rights to your content shall remain your sole ownership. We are just selling and printing your book for you as your publisher.

We will not get any fees if you sell your content to a bigger publisher on your items sold after you sign with them.

All we ask is that you remember we are a CHARITY and ask that you give a donation as God leads you to keep this

service and our ministry going to help others as we have helped you.