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RDJ Catalog established in 1958 by Robert W. Merrick as a direct sales and investment company in Northern Ohio and Northwestern Pennsylvania. In 2000 at Mr. Merrick’s passing RDJ included holdings in real estate, commodities, art, collectables, and intellectual property. in December 2003, the company gained in marketing development and incorporated. The corporation has grown with gross assets over 1.4M by 2005. R.D.J.C, Inc. has a primary retail product line in Stainless Steel Lifetime Warranty Cookware and maintains a commercial retail store located in Smethport Pennsylvania. The original name of the company was RDJ for Robert, Daniel, & Jeremiyah which later lead to the development of the marketing concept of 'Real Deal Jump' for online marketing. As of February 2006 the VPS had risen to $1.01 per share and the projected EPS based on cash accounting parameters was $0.0321 per share with 7,000,511 shares outstanding on the record.

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President & C.F.O. Capt. Daniel W. Merrick, Ph.D. - Daniel is a graduate of The Hebrew Institute for Biblical Studies and holds a doctorate in Linguistics and Iconology, a Masters in Vocational Education, and a BS in Psychology and Ministry. He served in the US ARMY in the ARMOR branch as platoon leader, Intelligence Officer, Liaison Officer, and Company Commander. Daniel worked with several fortune 500 companies such as AB Electrolux, Scott & Fetzer, HealthMor, and CT Engineering. Dan specializes in motivational psychology and sales strategy. Dan is a member if American Financial Coordinators Association. Dan also holds memberships in MOAA, DAV, AUSA, ROA, NRCC, FOE, The Bucktails Legion post 0138, and holds a ministers license with UCCMA. Dan has appeared on TV on 'Go For Your Dreams', 'Share Program', CTV's 'Getting Together', 'His Place', and has appeared in many venues as a public speaker and singer. You can reach Dan at the corporate phone line at 814-887-5895 Listen to his weekly radio show at 'Instructions To Money'

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RDJ Catalog.Com  was established in 1999 as the continuation of the dream of R.W. Merrick which he past on to his son D.W. Merrick. RW started in 1958 with small route sales of products door to door and to small businesses. In the early 1960's RW bought a motel in North East Pennsylvania and opened a small gift shop. In 2000 RW past away at the age of 84 leaving his legacy to his son and grandson. In 2001 Daniel along with his wife Olga, incorporated the business taking on the name RDJ for Robert, Daniel, & Jeremiyah. In 2003 the business was expanded to include a web site and launched a marketing campaign on TV. The idea of 'Real Deal Jump' came from the creation of Daniel who has many copyrighted songs and has won several ASCAP popular music awards. To hear the RDJ Catalog 'Real Deal Jump' rap Click the link >Audio< To see the TV Commercial Click Here >Video< Also check our our new radio station, Newspaper, and Directions to our Store.

C.O.B. Olga Merrick - Olga studied ecological resource management in Kiev. She has worked with the Ukrainian Forest Service and Postal Service. This has given her insight into finance and international markets. Her experience has insured reliable methods of supply chain management and long term planning.  Olga has managed budgets for the Ukrainian Postal Service for over five years with an annual gross of 50M.  She was responsible for pension distribution networks in the Kiev, Fastov region and managed the Forest Service timber management program. Since 1999 she has become the driving force to establish RDJ Catalog’s gains in market share.

VP Engineering Yuri T. Merrick - Yuri is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh school of Engineering and has a BS in Computer Engineering.  He was accepted in the Masters of Architectural/ Mechanical Engineering program in spring 2005.  Yuri has constructed networks for the Corporation as well as completed Building projects and rehabilitation projects for RDJC, Inc. Yuri is an expert carpenter, electrician, and has worked in maintenance and repair as well as RE Acquisitions.

VP Marketing Tannyah Merrick – Tan’nyah is presently attending the University of Pittsburgh majoring in Business Administration and Accounting. She is on the Deans List for fall semester 2006 and is holding a 3.5 GPA. Tannyah worked with RDJ in catalog sales and marketing while attending high school. She has also worked in Rehab decorating, sales training, field marketing, and has made several sales calls across the country with her father. To see Tannyah in the RDJ Video click the link above.

VP Public Relations Igor Merrick – Igor is a graduate of SAHS and sits on the BOD as a PR Consultant. Igor works in computer web design and in art advertising for RDJC, Inc. Igor has Duchennes' Muscular Dystrophy and is in a wheel chair. See recent news on meeting with Senator Specter here. Specter Story.

Corp. Secretary / Accounting Buffy Merrick – Buffy is a graduate of  the University of Pittsburgh with a BS in Biology. Buffy worked for County National Bank and a private accounting firm before taking on responsibility with RDJC, Inc. Buffy and Yuri were married in the summer of 2005.

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