Daniel Merrick, Ph.D. Author

Accomplished Entrepreneur & Motivational Speaker


Keynotes & Commentator Topics



While Daniel can customize each presentation to fit client needs, below are several topics that represent the most popular requests:


*       Entrepreneurial Success and Failure.

                              Is it attitude that makes the difference? What every sales and corporate executive needs to learn.

*       Welfare Reform.

                               Is workfare working? If it is why aren’t social welfare case workers in unemployment lines?

*       Old Fashion Sales Results.

                              Do dreams come true?  How direct salespersons can exceed their goals.

*       Veterans Issues & Transition from Military to Civilian.

                              Now that I’m disabled, can I ever hope to be productive again?

*       Real Estate (Outside the bubble).

                              Flip rehabs into rentals in middle America, is it worth the risk?

*       Immigration Work Force Issues & Immigrant Entrepreneurs.

                              Are Americans having children fast enough to keep up with labor demands in an expanding economy? Will immigrants fill the labor short falls?

*       Disabled Veterans & War Veterans Small Business.

                              Is the war on terror creating the next small business boom? Will returning Vet’s fill the gap in business?

*       Investments, market trends, & Wealth Building.

                              Are stocks to volatile for the small investor? Where is the next millionaire making market trend?


Every presentation is designed to empower your audience with more than just new ideas, but also the practical application to put them to use immediately.


Dan is a disabled veteran who served in the Army and Reserve forces including the National Guard. Dan’s wife Olga is a Ukrainian immigrant and serves as the corporate COB with RDJ Catalog, Inc. along with Dan. Dan is familiar with transition from military to civilian and has worked with companies such as CT Engineering, AB Electrolux, Scott & Fetzer Kirby, Healthmor Filter Queen, and several other companies as a sales training & motivational consultant.


Dan developed a three step training program to help direct sales HR staffs and small businesses hire and train marketing recruits. Using the product knowledge and expertise Dan gained with Fortune 500 companies direct sales branches; in 1999 Dan along with his father started RDJ Catalog as a direct sales entrepreneurship.


Over the last 7 years Dan and his family have grown in knowledge and experience by using such expert advice as Carleton Sheets PEI courses to help expand his corporation into multimillion status. Dan has been appointed to President Bush’s Small Business Advisory Council, Carleton Sheets Student Advisory Council, and has received the Ronald Regan Business Achievement Metal from the US Congress.


Why Corporations Hire Dan To Speak: “After my sale team heard Dan speak, we had our best month in business with over $240,000 in sales. “ L.D. Jamestown, NY

“ Dan’s story about going through 2 divorces, breaking his back in the service, then fighting the welfare system and VA to get benefits, then starting his own business and becoming a millionaire shows how perseverance and a winning attitude can make anyone a success. My sales force was so motivated they couldn’t wait to get back from the seminar and get started.  “ C.B. Vineland, NJ


Dan is available for public speaking engagements and interviews for Radio and TV. Book Dan for your meeting or event direct by calling 814-887-5895 or daniel@rdjcatalog.com

Daniel's Public Relations Advisor & Media Consultant: TV & Radio Publicity by: Alex Carroll, Author of “Beat The Cops” the guide to fighting traffic tickets and winning. (RadioPublicity.Com)

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