RDJ Catalog, Inc. President meets with Senator Specter to fight against higher taxes.

Tuesday, August 14, at the New Bethlehem Fire Department, where Senator Specter held his Town Hall Meeting, RDJ Catalog, Inc. President Daniel W. Merrick and Georgetta A. Blackburn, Vice President of Blackburn's Pharmacy, meet with the Senator to discuss The House and Senate SCHIP (State Children's Health Insurance Protection) bills that will be pounded out in a conference committee in September, when back in session.

In 2006, BLACKBURN'S was awarded the Home Medical Equipment Magazine REHAB PROVIDER OF THE YEAR - that's over all other competitors in the nation. "We pride ourselves on good, compassionate service, but the government will prevent us from continuing to provide power mobility if the House draft is adopted" said Georgetta A. Blackburn. Blackburn's provides mobility wheel chairs for Igor Merrick, son of RDJ Catalog, Inc. president Dan Merrick.

"If this bill is past in it's present form", Merrick said "It will require tax payers to foot the costs of a 13 month rental program for this type of medical equipment. At the end of paying $13,000.00 for rent, then the government will pay for the wheel chair at about $27,000.00." For most medical equipment in this class the overall increase to taxpayers would be 30% to 50% over what is covered now.

Yet the politicians and house budget office claims it will save taxpayers money. Talk about your fuzzy math. "This isn't the million dollar question on are you smarter than a fifth grader, $40,000.0 is greater than $27,000.00"Igor Merrick Stated.

Dan Merrick's son Igor has Muscular Dystrophy and has been unable to walk since age 7. Senator Specter (R Pennsylvania) stated that he felt that President Bush would most likely veto the bill when it hits his desk if it remains in the present form.  House Democrats have added higher tax cost into the bill in conference committee. "I know how some politicians work, they raise costs in one area and remove benefits in others until the budget looks like it will save when it will just cost more". "I have confidence that the Senator Specter will do all he can to combat this ill conceived part of the bill" Merrick Said. (Related Story: Blackburn's)

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Form Right to Left: Senator Spector, Daniel Merrick, Jeremiyah Merrick, and Igor Merrick in wheel chair.

Photo By: Charles S. Blackburn, BS, BS Pharm.