Capt. Daniel W. Merrick, Ph.D. is a businessman who has overcome great odds to achieve the goals that he has. In his book, 'Instructions To Money', he shares positive steps he took to go from welfare to millionaire. This inspirational story is a practical hands on guide to gaining wealth. Dan debunks the hype merchants to give real can-do motivational help. Recently, Midwest Book Reviews gave Dan's Book 5 stars out of 5 possible on Amazon.Com & their web site. My success Gateway also rated us highly. Dan has spoken at events for Kirby and several other fortune 500 companies.

Dan Merrick is a disabled veteran of the US ARMY where he enlisted in 1979. Dan was commissioned in 1982 as a Armor Branch officer. After the Gulf War, Dan retired at the rank of Captain. In 1992 Dan found that waiting for military benefits while on Social Security and welfare was no where to be in life. By 1995 he had enough and started working a plan that consists of 14 rules he discovered most wealthy people follow to get and stay rich. Dan has compiled his life experience into a collection of real life practical tools to help anyone build wealth he calls 'Instructions To Money'. Dan holds an ordination and has worked with Evangelist Ken Gaub in his world wide ministry. Daniel has also appeared on the national stage before on several TV programs and as a writer, commentator, public speaker, and musician. Get more on Dan's Bio at his web site. He also works with several nonprofit organizations to promote concerts for the homeless and veterans organizations.


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Dan's new book is reasonably priced at only $12.95 a copy and can be ordered at the web site: http://www.InstructionsToMoney.Net where you can also hear his National Radio Show each week. Dan's rates are negotiable so don't hesitate to call. 814-887-5895 Dan will do Biblical Based Finance seminars for love offerings.

You may also schedule Daniel for a book signing, Radio or TV interview, or public speaking engagement by going to his web site media kit at  and emailing or calling Dan direct. His motivational talks are exciting and can add a dynamic feature to your meeting, church service, corporate sales meeting, key note, or event. Dan also conducts teaching seminars on subjects like:

  1. What's Happening To Money.
  2. Retail Web sites in 20 minutes.
  3. Real Estate for under $1000.00.
  4. A Jewish View of the Bible, Old and New Testaments, including where Jesus' name is in the Old Testament.
  5. Why Direct Sales is the best business to be in now.
  6. News about Soldiers on MySpace who are telling what NBC, CBS, and ABC won't.
  7. What lead to Dan having Breakfast with President Bush. (Achieving Greatness)
  8. How to be an Internet Radio Host for Free and make money doing it!
  9. Rip offs and Con Jobs to avoid when on the internet building a business.
  10. 10 Things you need to know when investing in real estate that your broker won't tell you.
  11. From Welfare in a sick bed, to Millionaire, 5 things anyone can do today to get started.
  12. How to network your way into million dollar mentors.

For corporate, educational,  and For Profit organizations: $5,000 plus accommodations & a book signing table. Includes 100 books for seminar and corporate consulting engagements.

For Nonprofit or church: Love Offering & Book Sales Table (plus travel allowances $150 Dan Drives & lodging if over 250 miles from Dan's home.)

Proceeds from Dan's public speaking and teaching engagements go to help charity. Dan only takes out travel and meal expenses for engagements.
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