Disabled veteran writes book about his success getting off welfare.


Smethport, Pennsylvania May 30, 2006: Disabled Army Veteran Captain Daniel Merrick has moved off the welfare roles and has written a book about it. Since 1992 Captain Merrick had been on welfare until he and his wife established RDJ Catalog Incorporated, a direct sales company. Recently the company has grown from real estate purchases and web site sales, which have prompted Dan to write a book about it, entitle ‘Instructions To Money’ From Welfare To Millionaire. The book is published by Outskirts Press of Parker, Colorado and will be available in bookstores and on Internet sites such as Amazon.Com. Dan is also working on a syndicated article entitled “Ask Money Doctor” for his newsletter published quarterly.


                              Captain Daniel Merrick (USAR, Ret. DAV) is the corporate CFO of RDJ Catalog Incorporated with a showroom on Main Street in Smethport     

                              Pennsylvania. Last year the local press covered a story about the company’s success in helping those on welfare into direct sales jobs with the

                              company. Dan says he plans to travel across the country and appear on TV programs and try to inspire others to learn what he did to succeed.

                              Dan says, “There are companies, like mine, that give opportunities to people to earn their way out of poverty that I have listed in this book,

                              14 steps or rules I call the Instruction To Money, along with a list of those companies.” Captain Merrick suffers from spinal injuries he

                               received while in the service and had in the past been unable to work. “Disabled does not mean unable”, Dan says, “I wrote this book so that

                               others in my situation or dissatisfied with their jobs could learn what I learned.” Dan has appeared on the Cornerstone Christian Television

program ‘His Place’ as a commentator and has worked as a radio announcer and producer.  Dan was recently featured in ‘Real Profits’ newsletter for his

investment strategies. Dan's net worth has grown in the last 7 years to over 4 million dollars. Dan's expertise is in real estate and investments that build net worth in nontraditional acquisitions.


Captain Merrick is a disabled Army veteran that has written a book about how anyone who follows certain rules he calls the ‘Instructions To Money’ can achieve success starting their own company like he has, and gain a net worth over one million. His company is in the process of marketing and syndication of a weekly newspaper and radio segment entitled “The Money Doctor”. He will be touring the country signing his book and appearing on TV and radio programs to share his message of hope, wealth, and encouragement.


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