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Author To Sign Books At Chautauqua Mall Saturday


9/29/2006 - LAKEWOOD — Daniel Merrick is worth more than $1 million now, but not long ago he was on welfare and needed food stamps to feed his family.

Through real estate sales and non-traditional business ventures such as selling collectible gems from the wholesale market, Merrick built his net worth slowly over several years and is now sharing his story in ‘‘How To’’ form.

Author of the book Instructions To Make Money: From Welfare To Millionaire,
Merrick will be at Waldenbooks in the Chautauqua             Mall from 2 to 4 p.m. Saturday.

‘‘I don’t see any reason why we can’t all be rich,’’
Merrick said about sharing the methods of his success. ‘‘My book is about empowering the poor. The point is to teach them and mentor them, and that includes the working poor as well as people on welfare.’’

Though a guide on how to get rich,
Merrick said his book is less about becoming as known as Warren Buffet or Bill Gates and more about living comfortably. By building wealth gradually, Merrick said that eventually anyone can move out of poorer neighborhoods and into more affluent cities.

‘‘I’m talking about just being able to afford a house, being middle class with a million dollars or more in net worth,’’ Merrick said. ‘‘Average housing costs are going up to $300,000 and $500,000 in
Florida, New York and California. By the time you try to own your own house and you look at what it costs, you’re going to see you have to pay a half a million dollar mortgage and that’s a lot of money.’’

An advocate of the mentoring method,
Merrick said the secret of his success lies simply in emulating what other successful people have done. In his book, Merrick explains that part of the key to building wealth is watching rich people, learning what they do and duplicating their methods.

‘‘I call them the ‘Instructions To Money’ as sort of a tongue-in-cheek thing. The mint prints the dollars and then they don’t give us any instructions how to build dollars,’’
Merrick said. ‘‘At least when you go down to Home Depot, they’ll give you some instructions how to use the stuff. I really believe that if people can be empowered for their individual interest, they will be able to build a net worth of over a million dollars through the mentoring process.

America is such a great land of opportunity. We have freedoms. Anyone can go out and speak their mind on either side of an issue without having to worry about somebody harming them because they feel that way,’’ Merrick continuing. ‘‘With mentoring, you can duplicate exactly what someone did to become rich using your own particular interests and creativity to make it happen for yourself. The opportunities are there regardless of race, color, creed, political affiliation, religious orientation or anything like that. You and I, no matter where we come from, we have opportunity out there if we’re willing to do what it takes to take advantage of it.’’

Describing himself as ‘‘The Rational Right,’’
Merrick has been touring in support of his new book and recently argued politics on Air America Radio. Though not specifically a political book, Merrick said he did debate the Republican side of economic issues during his appearance on the Democrat radio network.

In addition to signing books at Chautauqua Mall Saturday,
Merrick said he will be more than willing to discuss his instructions to making money as well as his success. A portion of money made from book sales will be donated to charity. For more information on Merrick, visit and

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