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As Jeremiyah Merrick Prepares to run for the 2032 Election by playing hooky to meet with the President, his dad goes to the hill to support the troops: (See story below)

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Do you know what it is like in your heart when the Commander and Chief says “Thank You For Your Service” ? I will cherish this moment in time with a tear in my eye for the generations that came before me:  

Maj. George Merrick –Civil War, Col. Robert Merrick – WWII, both mustangs who first enlisted and later were promoted to officer.


I am the third in the legacy of those who when asked, who will defend freedom, said: “I Will” When I swore an oath to defend The Constitution against all enemies, both foreign and domestic, I could not have imagined such a day as this.

With a grateful heart,
























President George Bush took time out of his busy schedule with the nations business Tuesday to meet with Veterans and Families to thank them for their service and sacrifice. Many of those attending the event were Gold Star mothers and wives of fallen heroes of the armed forces. The event was arranged by a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization entitled ‘Families United For Our Troops And Their Mission’. Capt. Daniel W. Merrick, Ph.D., a disabled veteran, attended the event along with his wife and children on the White House lawn. “Someone has to stand up for our troops” Dan commented, “It was nice to hear the commander and chief say thank you for your service”. With the onset of congress being in session, Code Pick, a communist organization, was in force over the last few weeks yelling at senators and congressman. One Congressman was heard saying, “It was refreshing to have calm conversations with vets and their families about supporting the troops after being screamed at last week by Code Pink members.” A recent Fox News Poll reported that the US majority of 97% said they believed what General Petraeus testified before congress last week that we are winning the war in Iraq.  The recent New York Times ad for MoveOn.Org has created a back lash from numerous veterans and veterans’ advocates visiting the hill in D.C. One group entitled ‘Vets For Freedom’ made calls on Senators and Congressmen to ask them to stop playing partisan politics and start support the troops and their morale. “A solider in Iraq picking sand out his teeth just to eat an MRE hears the news in America and believes that the American people hate him”, Dan said; “That destroys the troops morale and his resolve which could be dangerous in the battle field.”

Besides meeting with President Bush the Merrick Family met with Congressman Peterson (R PA) and with Senator Casey (D PA) to ask them to support the troops. “I remember when a small minority of media driven subversives got us to cut and run in Vietnam by letting communist backed groups use our rights of freedom of speech to convince America that we should stop the war then. Like now, we were winning and the enemy infiltrated our media to destroy the will of politicians to fight for our protection and safety. We were attacked on September 11th, 2001 and if we do not destroy our enemy, he will destroy us.” Dan said. The event was topped off with a rally attended by a group of Senators from both sides of the Isle where all praised the groups for coming out to support the troops and thanked the veterans for their service.

Senator McCain who is presently running for the Republican Nomination for President said “We should support the troops and their mission, or announce the day and time of our surrender”.  Senator McCain is a Vietnam veteran and former POW. Many of the senators including Joe Lieberman (D) said that “If we don’t deal with Islamic Terrorists over there, we will have to deal with them over here.”

Many of the group also expressed their concern that the press seemed to cover the communists’ minority view in the TV lime light, but failed to cover this story about these veterans from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

One Gold Star Mother said, “Do we really want our children to grow up in a dictatorship where our daughters will have to wear burkas from their head to their toes? Judging by the porn coming out of the left coast, I don’t really think code pink knows what they are fighting for or who is paying for them to be screaming at senators. Why isn’t the media covering that story, where is the money coming from for Code Pink? Ben Laden?”

Both Senator Casey and Congressman Peterson expressed to Dan and his family that the freedom of this nation and the rights of self-determination granted by our constitution, would not be surrendered to any enemy, foreign or domestic. Dan said that it is refreshing to see a conservative democrat like Casey vote in the recent bills to support the troops and their mission that they are winning.








Dan expressed to both the senators and congressmen that the qualities of life for the solider in battle, demands that they know we love and support them. Dan said “the ideals that uphold freedom for all peoples in every country on earth, and the rights which we enjoy such as free elections, is why the troops sacrifice.”

Dan said that Code Pink tried to attack him while he went to lunch at one of the senate buildings, “I had my children with me and she tried to start spouting her communist manifesto, with my 10 and 8 year old right there. So I told her that she should talk to my wife, a Ukrainian immigrant, to learn what communism is really about.” The police had to arrest a number of the protestors to keep people safe from Code Pinks violent and psychotic behavior at the rally Tuesday. The DC metro police reported that several of the protestors for peace became extremely violent and angry.

Under Communism Olga, Dan’s wife had to pay off officials just to get a work permit. “What President Reagan said was true” Olga interjected, “Communism is the mutual inherited sharing of poverty. Since every one lived from hand to mouth, only the dictator gets to eat steak. The government owns everything and if you don’t go along with their party, you will never survive. Communist ideals breed corruption, that’s why I am a republican. I have been in the United States of America for just over 12 years.  My husband and I own 22 real estate investment properties and a retail company. It scares me when I see these communists in this country. I don’t want to see the mass murder my father witnessed with Stalin when over 160,000,000 people were killed. President Bush is doing the right thing by stopping the Islamic Terrorists where they are and supporting the troops and their families. I watched him hug the mothers of fallen veterans; you don’t get that kind of compassion and feeling in the eyes of the code pink fanatics.”

Many of these veterans, wives and mothers were wondering why the radical liberal left did not ask them if they wanted their fallen loved ones life to be in vain and end in surrender. One mother said: “My son’s blood bought that sand and the freedom of every Iraqi citizen to have the same rights my constitution gives me.”









Over 5000 Veterans and families came to Washington DC to support the troops and their mission in the war against terrorist dictatorships and all the Press and Major TV Media can cover is communist enemies of the constitution instead of great American heroes like these Iraqi war veterans. One Solider with a new stainless steel leg replacing the one he lost in Iraq said that “General Petraeus is a 35 year veteran of the armed forces with a silver star for valor in combat.”  One of the senators stated that his name should be called “General Protect Us!” Capt. Merrick stated that Soldiers don’t have political parties; they are fighting for all Americans, even the free speech rights of the anti-war protestors.

Story and photos by: Olga I. Merrick Press Release Date 9-20-2007.Distribute freely.



President Bush Thanks Veterans and Gold Star Families At White House Breakfast




































(President Bush hugs DeAnna Shields, proud widow of SGT Jonathan B. Shields who was killed in action on November 12, 2004 in Iraq. DeAnna is a member of HUGSS, Helping To Unite Gold Star Survivors, a family support organization.)











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Senator John McCain Vietnam Vet speaks out against political attacks against our troops and their leaders defending our constitutional rights.






















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