One Merica Coin ICO ~ Why Charity ? There are many charities online and in the world but most of the very rich in donations, billionaire supporters and grant grabbing non profits are exclusive and controled by only a few very powerful internet mogels. For example, A Veteran's charity or a Religious charity will never be added to the Bill Gates grants by tag lines you see on NPR or PBS. Most of the granting organizations are supposed to be by law, non political and not bias against any religion or non political group. BUT we know in the real world where we all live, the grants from the foundations of the very rich and powerful never touch the lives of the real poor, real hungry and real needy people in Ukraine, philipines or Cambodia. You neve see Oprah and Mark Z. in some far eastern dirt floor hut village helping children or giving them Iphones. So the long answer and the true answer is Because charities like our that grants to real poor and needy people don't get grants because we a by law in the USA not political organizations that help leftist and commie billionaires get power and control over what they want us to support. Groups like CYMG and Veteran's real help charities never get any money from the powerful nor are they given any visability online for the most part. We are non-political and non-denominational so our members are in one of three groups and we have an online web site for each of these groups. 1. Congregation Yahshua Messiah Gathering UCCMA a messianic worship group with an online home at and We do foreign missions and support groups that do real needs aid in many places in America and world wide. 2. MeyrickFoundation.Org A Family History and Genealogical research facility and Museume. We have a library of books, study tools and other computer aid systems online and on our foundation computer systems. We are primarialy a Merrick Myrick Meyrick surname group but we have members who are from these varied lines also and those married into the lines. See our web site for more information about this foundation and our support of Veterans and non-denominational groups. 3. Associations of Pastors, ministers, rabbis and leaders of local congregations of all and many faiths. We do not put a religious test on the needs of those who are hungry, need of clothing or desire to have clean water to drink. So why is this important to the MEA project ? one simple answer is MONEY. Unlike the bible belt evangelists on TV in Amereica, we don't get millions from donations from the faithful weekly watching public. MEA is a way to get donations and build the value of the crypto at the same time. Here is how it works: You DONATE your money to this IRS registered non profit group CYMG UCCMA. You get a token of appreciation we call MEA, a ERC20 Coin (or one of our other crypto coins on the DEX decentralized exchanges or on this site). You bid trade and sell, buy and transfer your MEA for value with other coins or by staking or creating pools at places like UniSwap. The Value changes in the market and the risks and rewards are up to YOU. You the owner of MEA will set the future price and value when you use the coin in the market place like ForkDelta Excahnge. We hope you make the price rise, and by doing so, raise the value of the profits from our Non Profit exhanges we make on the same markets you use. Thus our NPO or Non Profit Organization takes the risks and rewards right along your side and builds or loses value with you. Finally we take 50% of our annual sales in MEA, Books, Music or other products from our varied sources and use it to help others, give grants to those who would not get grants because of some political or religious test that sone billionaire put on his million dollar grant groups to keep the poor poor. harsh reality but true. The other 50% is put into liquity pools and operations costs to help keep our crypto going and growing. The value bases of the crypto as a token of apperciation goes up, or down, and you get the benifits of taking the lose off on your taxes or using the gain to help yourself. My mon always said God Helps those who help themselves. In this case it is true. We hope you will see our white paper and the finacial plans we have made to grow our trust funds to do real world help and real world charity. Left of right, middle or not playing, we are here for the real world charity and nothing more. As we stated above, we put NO RELIGIOUS TEST on anyone we help, we are just doing good because it makes us feel good to give to those who really need it. So we ask you to help us pump up our crypto and help charity in the process. The least you have to gain is a tax writeoff by defi and the sky is the limit in the other direction. No promises, see our TOS and Privacy Policy page for the disclaimers and legal stuff. As of 08 June 2021 the ForkDelta Exchange reported trades for MEA at $52.35 each for a total market capitalization of $2,920,300,000.00 As of the same date DL & RD Market Cap rose to $2.8 Billion making the potential total capitalization for charity of just over %5.7 Billion. We have links in the menu above to purchase during a limited time MEA, DL and RD via PayPal or via Tonkely Marketplace for a discounted rate belown what these coins and tokens are trading for on the market on XChain DEX and ForkDelta at!/trade/0x92f34405b409816e288b210c81948c9fa5fc6ada-ETH Besides OneMericaCoin and this web site, we will be launching a CURRENCY EXCHANGE SERVICE to facilitate transfer of funds to our field workers and to trade for Fiat currencies such as USD, PHP, EUR, GBP etc. These cash resources will enhance our charity efforts in foreign lands and with the help of our team members, we hope to inspire a world wide effort to join in our Crypto for Charity drive. Also see our Chairty GuideStar site at

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