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ONEMERICACOIN new ERC20 Token symblo MEA launch this coming Friday at 12 NOON with trending hashtag #HackTheJack to create a CRYPTO FOR CHARITY fund to help with community services, missions outreach and provide aid to widows, orphans and homeless in desperate need due to the covid19 pandemic. NERD MEA LIKE GAMESTOP and Don’t Stop until we make the banksters cry. OneMericaCoin to make a big splash on the cryptocurrency market DEX by thousands as they set up wallets at https://www.rdjcatalog.com/Dealithiumcoin/page_id129/#/ for MEA, BTC and ETH to begin trading and buying MEA. MAMA MEA what a great idea ! The MEA Creator has set up the web site and a flurish of coins and tokens to provide for charity to build value and liquidity for the market and inspire crypto buyers to get involved in non profits while learning about Crypto. To Join in be online with YOUR ONLINE MEA WALLET linked above in the main menu and get ready to build our own powerhouse of assets to get the kind of stimulus we all need to help others. Proceeds go to help with the Phillipines JOHN PROJECT and Aid to those in need. Listen to this weeks “FAITH RADIO” for more information and get your MEA wallet today to be ready for the launch party with kosher brunch.

SUBSCRIBE TO OUR TELE PAGE AT https://t.me/DealithiumCoin

See our disclaimers on our policy TOS page and agree that it is more blessed to give than to receive, buying crypto here is a contribution to a NPO 501C3 and any gains or lose is market dependent and not subject to any endorsement or liability by this offering. See our PRIVACY POLICY and TOS in the main menu.



RDJC, Inc. (s) a holding company of CYMG UCCMA 501(c)3 Charity Makes offerings in ICO in Tokens and Coins with ETH, BTC based SHA265 and CouterParty Tokens. The New offerings are DEALITHIUM an REALDEALIUM CounterParty Tokens, DEALITHIUMCOIN a BTC based producte and ONEMERICACOIN – MEA and ERC20 ETH Token from 1MERICAEXCHANGE to enhance the rise in the ETH and BTC market.

These Products are part of a suite of web sites including DealithiumCoin.Com and this site 1MERICAEXCHANGE.Com with online marketing of products of Crypto and Books and other items in the 1MERICA Shopping Cart App where you can buy with various products in the CRYPTO FOR CHARITY startup ICO’s.


RDJC, Inc. along with CYMG-UCCMA and Meyrick Foundation Org are part of the network of 501C3 Non Profit Charities that are involved in world missions, community services and several religious and spiritual outreach programs as well. When you buy our Crypto, Tokens and Coins, you actually are helping other around the world who are in need in this desperate time during the Covid pandemic. We have been working with missions and aid groups such as KIVA and CYMG ministres around to world since 1993.

Dr. Dan Merrick CEO and Pastor of the Messianic Synogouge works with missions in the Philippines, Ukraine and in the USA to provide many varied opportunities for congregation members to get involved as volunteers, field workers and with his weekly Radio Show FAITH RADIO.

We are trying to reach the needy who are searching for the spiritual and physical help they need in food, clothing and prayers. Prayer is powerful and so is the ability to feed the hungry and give help to those in need.

Team Yahshua at www.YahSpace.org helps raise funds for micro loans for small business in third world countries. The online Congregation has over 2500 members on the site and the sister organization Merrick Foundation brings the total to over 8000 online friends, family and members.

The MEA EVENT is a marketing ICO NPO beginning May 28th 2021.

The MEA ICO event will begin May 28th 2021 and they hope to raise over $100,000 for aid packages to those in need. See Links Above to trade, buy and sell on the DEX.

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