1Merica Exchange is the hub for trading our ETH Based MEA -OneMericaCoin on the ForkDelta Exchange DEX and the central location of our links to our Dealithium, RealDealium and CYMGCharity Coins traded on the Xchain Counterparty DEX system with a present Market Cap over $100B The links in the main menu will lead you to pages that help you to own, trade and invest in our CRYPTO FOR CHARTIY PROGRAMs. We also have a CRYPTO MINING PROGRAM where we build liquitidy to fund trades, help those in need and give back value in our cryptocurrency with the different exchange systems. In short our ETH based ERC20 Coin is MEA traded on the FORK DELTA EXCAHNGE, our Dealithium, RealDealium and CYMGCharity coins trade on the DEX EXCHAIN system inside the Counterparty Wallet system. We hope to bring back our DEALITHIUMCOIN a SHA256 BTC based coin in the near future with our own servers as soon as our mines raise enough funds to restart that program and cryptcurrency blockchain system. Here is a video to help you understand what we are doing and hopefully help you want to get involved with our crypto for charity idea.

The Market Cap for MEA – OneMericaCoin is based on the last traded price at $50.18 each. See https://etherscan.io/token/0x92f34405B409816e288B210C81948C9FA5Fc6ADA#tokenTrade The total supply is 58 Million with a Market Cap at $2,910,440,000.00 USD
The MEA is traded on the ForkDelta Exchange DEX at https://forkdelta.app/#!/trade/0x92f34405b409816e288b210c81948c9fa5fc6ada-ETH also linked in the menu of this site. Other coins, Dealithium and RealDealium are traded inside the DEX Xchain Wallet system also linked on this website.

The advantage of holding and trading our tokens or coins is that you can use your purchase as a donation to charity in that we are a 509a2 public charity registered with the US IRS. So if you gain value, like all investments, you would pay capital gains tax in the USA as a US Citizen. Then again if you lose value, you can write off the value as donations to charity. Consult with a license tax accountant or your layer or certified investment advisor because our lawyers say that we have to say that. That done, we are not responsible for any loses due to misdirected crypto wallet addresses or the changes in markets. Please consult the online resources on crypto investing and watch some videos on youtube before going in full into the crypto market. In short, if you can not afford to lose your investment, don’t invest. We are a congregation CHARITY so what we do is raise funds for charity purposes to give the money away in aid to others in need. Our pastor/ceo is not a expert or licensed in any SEC regulated trading system. We are a CHARITY so we only use our crypto to transfer funds to missions, other aid organizations and direct aid to those in need. After expenses, all our earned funds from all sources go 100% to the charity work as a nonprofit organization. If you have questions you can reach Dan on Facebook through the links at https://YahBible.org and please share our pages here with your friends and family to help us grow our mining and fund raising efforts to do more to help those in need. Yah God Bless you and thank you for considering us as a partner in ministry and good works.

The Block Explorer for MEA is at https://etherscan.io/token/0x92f34405B409816e288B210C81948C9FA5Fc6ADA

You can Join Coinbase to trade coins, transfer funds and convert crypto and earn $10 when you buy $100 or more and CYMG Charity gets a donation of $10 Too ! Just use this link

Use the Uniswap link to add liquidity to the MEA Coin by using the steps to create a pool at Uniswap.
1. Buy MEA in your MetaMask Wallet with ETH in the same wallet – You can get a ETH MEA Meta mask wallet at https://metamask.io/
2. Add a Token option in Metamask allows you to search by the CONTRANT COIN ID NUMBER or by searhing the word ONEMERICACOIN – MEA – Or
> 0x92f34405B409816e288B210C81948C9FA5Fc6AD < which is the Coin ID. You will get a warning when you try to trade it until the ETH network shows liquidity. Just bypass the warning if you get one. All the coins are in our centeralized wallet until we build up the liquidity and reputation. 3. Once you have MEA and ETH (you will need a lot of ETH if you are the first to create a MEA POOL) you can choose pairs by using the ID to set up MEA First and ETH or another coin you have second. You will have to SIGN THE TRANSACTION so be sure to CLICK THE LINK TO CONNECT YOUR META MASK WALLET before setting up a pool. 4. Set Price at about $58.00 each coins, I suggest 50 MEA to start and put the range around Plus or minus a few dollars. 5. Click the CREATE POOL and SIGN TRANSACTIONS and then FUND the MEA pool with you coins. You are now a MARKET MAKER and have created a POOL that will populate with others who will want to make money when MEA starts trading. Email Dan at ThinkYah.Org and let me know if you have created a pool. Then I will go over and add to the pool and help with what ever coins you use. I suggest DAI and ETH to start because DAI is a Stable coin based on the US Dollar. USDT is also like DAI. Once you get the hang of it, how to create pools and earn money, you will no doubt become a expert crypto investor and see great gains as the market grows with new traders and wallets being added every day. According to BlockChain.Com, each month a million new wallets and users of blockchain cryptocurrency are added every month with over 200 Million people and institutions now using Cryptocurrency and another 4 Billion world wide have access to buy in Stock market apps online. Over the last 5 years Yahoo Finance and platforms that trade in stocks, currency and other investments have added the options to buy crypto in their offerings. As the market grows, those who get in early and hold on during the ups and downs can see the potential outcomes from this trend. Happy investing and remeber, this site and all related sites are CHARITY RUN SITES and our TOS applies in the Policy and TOS with legal disclaimers on each site. By using this site you accept the TOS of all our sites and agree to hold our charity harmless for any loses or gains you may have. We are not a licensed broker or tax accountant, so seek expert advise before investing in any program with stocks, bonds, crypto or any other investment regulated by the FEC and or Banking regulations. Since our Crypto is a DONATION TOOL and not meant for any other purposes than to use to get money to our missions and ministry teams around the world, it is NOT a registered Crypto that holds regualted reporting to the banking or securities authorities in any state. Should our assets and liquidity demand that we register, then we will at that time. We hold all liquidity in our interest accounts and in other cryptocurrencies in CYMG Wallets. So when you provide liquidity pools, you own the profits and loses for that pool base on your contributions. Hope you enjoy learning about crypto for charity and may you find blessing and profit in the quest. Dr Dan, CEO CYMG Pastor. You can learn more and become a crypto investor at this link https://dealithiumcoin.com/become-an-investor