Smethport, Pennsylvania February 22, 2008 National Press Release:                                             02222008_001-08a58-02222008


Daniel Merrick, a disabled American Veteran and president of RDJC, Inc., announced his endorsement of John McCain for President. Below is a transcript of his speech:


Welcome to my personal and business friends. I am here to announce that I am endorsing John McCain for President of the United States of America. I would like to invite you to join my team to help build support for Senator McCain and to tell you about my new website where you can see how I am working hard to help support Senator McCain.


America is at a crossroads, and the decisions we make today will define the scope of freedom for a generation and for generations to come.  We can’t afford to stand on the sidelines. That’s why I’ve decided to do my part.  I've set up a personal website to raise money to support John McCain for a run for the presidency in 2008.  Please help me reach my goal by logging on to and by making your most generous contribution to Senator McCain's campaign.


Some may wonder why I support John McCain, it is simple to understand when you look at the alternatives. Obama and Clinton are almost the same in their philosophy. Both want to increase taxes, redistribute wealth, and cut and run in Iraq. As a former US Army Captain, I was very impressed when Senator Obama refused to place his hand over his heart during the pledge of allegiance to the flag, when many of my personal friends and family have died to preserve the freedom the Stars and Stripes represents.


How can such a man place his hand on the Bible and pledge to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States, which protects our freedom and rights; When that same man cannot find it in his heart, conviction, and belief to put his hand over his heart for our flag, that represents our freedom and the blood that was sacrificed to uphold the Constitution?


Emotions are one thing, real purpose and plans are another. The facts speak for themselves. Senator McCain has never added any 'PORK' to any bill in his history of service to this country in Washington DC. That says something about the integrity and honor of the man.


While in DC I had the great privilege to hear our future President speak at the VETS FOR FREEDOM, FAMILIES UNITED gathering in the park. John McCain won my vote right there and then because I heard purpose, conviction, and passion in his voice when he spoke of our troops and their mission.


The Democrats are now caught up in the rhetoric of emotions during this primary season. They hear political statements like 'There’s Something happening in America' sung like a preacher and they are seduced to ignore the truth: That this is an evil world where we were attacked because we refuse to surrender our freedoms to an Islamic dictatorship that will close our churches, kill all who resist theocratic rule of Islamic law, and which is now manipulating the will of our resolve to fight to preserve our way of life. All the catch phrases of Senator Obama will never CHANGE the fact that our enemy will find a weak minded ally or an enemy with the resolve to fight in the next President of the United States. And political parties who preach the propaganda of our enemies are not going to get my vote.


Don't be fooled by those who preach the mantra of those who hate you and want to kill you that say 'Iraq is about the oil, a war that shouldn’t have happened, and that we should never had been there'.  If not there then where? What should have never happened was 9-11 and if weak democratic leadership in 1979 had stood up for this nation then, it might not have happened. The argument is not about an injustice of war, the argument and propaganda of our enemy is if you have the guts to fight against nuts who fly planes into buildings and kill children and think God will bless them for it.


I know God; I speak in prayer to him daily. If God needs to take someone out for not following his rules or faith, God doesn't need me or anyone to do it. God can do it himself. When any man or nation is so deceived in mind, that he thinks God has appointed him judge of the nations of earth, it is the responsibility of the other nations of earth to stop that man and his followers so that peace and the mercy of God can lead us all in trust in God. On this nations currency are the words “In God We Trust”. That trust requires no action of mankind to lack faith in God by pretending we are God and murdering innocent children.


Common sense demands that we overcome rhetoric with intelligence. The most intelligent thing to do is fight those who are trying to kill children and use mentally handicapped to kill members of their own faith and culture. The facts are that the past leadership in Iraq and Afghanistan killed more people of the Islamic Faith than we ever have and if we were not there now, more would be murdered so Osama could rule with an iron hand.


Recently a good friend of mine died in Afghan. He was hit with a IED in a Military Medical Vehicle that had a RED CROSS on it. According to the LAWS OF WAR, which all civilized men have agreed to, MEDICAL VECHICLES with the RED CROSS or STAR OF DAVID or RED CRESENT are protected by the law as HUMANITARIAN MEDICAL AID IN A COMBAT ZONE. A combatant can not shot at or kill the medical personnel in those vehicles. Yet our enemy did attack and kill my friend Col. Rich B. Those of you who know me know who I am speaking of.


I do not want his death to be in vain, and it won't be if we find, kill, or capture the evil cultish men who planted that road side bomb. It is our duty of faith, pledge of trust, and humble knowledge that we are not God, that makes us desire to find, capture, and kill Osama Ben Laden and any who follow his cult of death and destruction.


Both Clinton and Obama will not finish the task to destroy our enemy before they destroy us. That is why I am endorsing and voting for the most honorable man I have ever met, who I believe God placed into our history to meet this calling at this time, John McCain, an American Military Hero and my friend.


So please stop by my web site at and share my hope for a strong and prosperous United States that has the guts to stand against all enemies of the Constitution, both foreign and domestic.



Contact Information:

Daniel Merrick

858 Route 446

Smethport, PA  16749




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