MALE MERRICK, Codex #M620 (Jewish Gen Code-M code 695000 or 694500)Genealogy: Male Merrick Lineage from : Yah, GOD: To be praised, honored, and glorified forever Creator of the first man- As Recorded in First Chronicles 1:1 ; 1:24-28:
1-ADAM  +Eve ~4000 BC,
2-Seth ,
3-Enoch ,
4-Kenan ,
5-MahalaleYah ,
6-Jered ,
7-Henoch (Enoch) ,
8-Methuselah , (oldest man died at 800+)
9-Lamech ,
10-Noah ~2000 BC ,
11-Shem ,
12-Arphaxad ,
13-Shelah ,
14-Eber ,
15-Peleg ,
16-Reu ,
17-Serug ,
18-Nahor ,
19-Terah ,
20-Abraham ,  + Sarah
21-Isaac ,
22-Jacob who's name was changed to ISRIYAH (Israel) ,
23-Levi ,
24-Merari  (Numbers 26:57) B.C. 1452 , (first Phonetic root)
25-Mushi ,
26-Mahli ,
27-Libni ,
28-Shimei ,
29-Uzza ,
30-Shimea ,
31-Haggiah ,
32-Asaiah ( I Chron. 6:29-32) "And these are those who David set over the service of song in the house of YAH veh after that the ark had rest.  And they ministered before the dwelling place of the tabernacle of the congregation with singing." ,
33-Korah ,
34-Ebiasaph ,
35-Kore ,
36-Shallum 536 BC ,
37-Uri-yah,  (Ezra 10:24 -*Welsh=Keyeirn m. M for Merari also MAWR-Eng.& Ukraine=the Yuri Mer ic Ka; Merarites under King EURI (yuri) moved through Babylon to Ukraine region and the Caccus Mountains through Germanus to England and Wales),
38-Rideyrn m.,
39-Grad m.,
40-Vrba(n) m.,
41-Triuil m.,
42-Deheweint m.,
43-Tecvan m.,
44-King Cole Codebog of the Merari (Welsh  Keneu Coel godebawc m. ~262 B.C. FIRST KING OF BRITON - The British (Covanant) Race. Who's sons succeeded until- (as recorded in Burke's Genealogy Records ~15 generations to King Henery III, King Edward I &II through Brothers to the Merrick line) * [47-Beli m. 65-Run m. 64-Maelgwn Gwyned, herwyd dull y beird. Namyn o herwyd yr Istoria Beli oed vab 62-Eynyan vab 64-Maelgwn, y gwr a uu petweryd brenhin ar Ynys Prydein gwedy Arthur. The line of 64-Maelgwn Gwynedd spouse to King Arthur through the brother of El Mar. 64-Maelgwn oed vab 63-Katwallawn llawhir m. 62-Eynyawn yrth m. 61-Kuneda wledic m. 60-Edern m. 59- Padern peisrud. (m.)/from coel codebog//] The line of 61-Cunedda Wledig through: (60&59)
45-Mordaf m. (MAR)***
46-Seruan m. ***
47-Kedic m.***
48-Dyfynwal Hen m.    (Daniel)  Abt.150bc + **&***
49-Manogan m.
50-El (Beli) Mawr (the Great), King of Britain, Abt 110 bc -  + Don ferch Mathonwy
51-Lludd Llaw Ereint (the Silver-Handed), King of Britain, Abt 80 bc -
52-Afallach ap Lludd, Abt 45 bc -
53-Owain ap Afallach, Abt 10 bc -
54-Prydein ap Owain, Abt 25 -
55-Dubwn ap Prydein, Abt 60 -
56-Eufwn ap Dubwn, Abt 95 -
57-Anwrid ap Eufwn, Abt 130 -
58-(Gwr-)Dufn ap Anwrid, Abt 165 -
59-(Gwr-)Doli ap Dufn, Abt 200 -
60-(Gwr-)Cein ap Doli, Abt 235 -
61-Tacitus ap Cein, Abt 270 -
62-Paternus Pasrut (of the Red Robe), Abt 305 -
63-Aeternus ap Padeyrn, Abt 340 -
64-Cunedda Wledig (the Imperator), King of North Wales, + Gwawl ferch Coel, Abt 384
65-Einion Yrth (the Impetuous), King of Gwynedd, Abt 419 -...+Prawst ferch Deithlyn, Abt 420
66-Cadwallon Lawhir (Long Hand), King of Gwynedd, Abt 450 - 517..+Meddyf ferch Maeldaf,abt460
67-Maelgwn Gwynedd alias Hir (the Tall), King of Gwynedd, Abt 480 - 549.......+Gwallwen ferch Afallach, Abt 490 -**
68-Rhun Hir (the Tall), King of Gwynedd, Abt 508 - 586.......+Perfawr ferch Rhun, Abt 510
(also known as Urien, Lord of Rhegid, 590 AD)
69-Rimo ferch Rhun, Abt 528 -.....+Hoel II Fychan (the Small), Abt 522 - 547
70- El (Beli) ap Rhun, King of Gwynedd, Abt 530 - 599.......+Unknown
71-Iago ap Beli, King of Gwynedd, Abt 560 - 613.........+Unknown
72-Cadvan First Prince of Wales & King of North Wales (Catamanus) Cadfan ap Iago, King of Gwynedd, Abt 580 - 625...............+Afandreg Ddu (the Black), Abt 584 -
73-King Cadwaladr 650 A.D. Last Crowned King of the British Race.Cadwallon ap Cadfan, King of Gwynedd, Abt 600 - 634
74-Idwal Twrch, Abt 680
75-Rhodvi Molwynog 703 A.D.
76-Conan 720 A.D.
77-Mervyn Vrych  (Merfyn Frych -kings of Gwynedd = Nest /kings of Powys)
78-Rhodri Mawr (Rhoderick the Great) 843 A.D.
79-Llewelyn (Excluded from his crown by his uncle Cadell.) married Angharad Queen of Powys, daughter of Owen ap Howel ap Cadell ap 78 Rhodri Mawr
79-Meredydd Meredith King of Powys, slain 998AD(ap Owen because he was his Cousins son
by Biblical Law [Meredydd {ap Llewelyn Biological Father}ap Owen ap howel Dha the good
King of south Wales, ap Cadell ap 78 Rhodri Mawr)
80-Cydafael Ynnyd (Lord of Cydewain, Montgomery County, Judge of Powys+Arienwen ap Jarwarth
83-Tydr  +Nest ferch Tudor
84-Torworth  +Agnes ferch Robin
85-Davydd  +Janet ferch David
86-Einion Sais (saxon fought in the wars of King Henry V)
88-LLewellyn   +Angharad ap William
89-Meyrick/Meuric  April 25, 1509 Captian of the Guard to King Henry VII and High Sheriff of
Anglesey County - Surnamed Merrick by King Henry the VIII as from Merari and Meurick for
"Guardian" (As in Guardians of the Arc).  +Margaret ap Roland
90-Rt. Rev. Roland Merrick D.D. Bishop of Bangor, Anglesey, Wales born 1505 +Catherine Burill
91-John Merrick Member of the Virginia Company of London by charter granted by the King
on May 23, 1609.   +Lucy Powell
92-Henry Merrick    +?
93-John Merrick   + Elizabeth?, Who came to America in 1663 to Barbados and later Va. USA.
94-Daniel Merrick  1645  +?  First permanent settler in Talbot County Maryland keeping the
" HOUSE OF JOHN MERRICK, MERCHANTS" of the VIRGINIA COMPANY OF LONDON.  (F.H. Merrick shows here: Julian Merrick 1626-1718) **** First came to Barbados and came to the New World in 1663, Settled in MD 1669.
95-John Merrick 1669   +Jane Walker
96-Isacc Merrick 1703   +Rachel Skinner
97-Israel Merrick 1733   +Mary Lane
98-Israel Merrick  1766  ,(Tioga, Pa. 1801-04)  +Mary Lockwood Brockway
99-Isaac Merrick  1791       +Polly Vanatter  +Clara ?
100-Dr. Jacob B. Merrick 1826     +Lucy A. Burns
101-Dr. Daniel O. Merrick     +Pearl Vail
102-Pastor Walter T. Merrick  +Edna Pearl Redfield
103-Robert W. Merrick 1918 - 2000  +Laura M. Sloan 1925 - 1998
104-Cpt. Daniel W. Merrick 1958  +Olga Gorobets (Immagrant Ukraine)
105-Jeremiyah L. Merrick Siblings: Yuri, Igor, Tannyah, Victoria, Danitra, Julia.
106-Karina 2005 (Julia + Roman)

~ 87th Generation from ABRAHAM ~106 Generation from ADAM. 1999 The 6007th year from creation, AD 2006.

*This is taken from Mostyn MS. 117 which dates from the late thirteenth century
and may be by the same scribe who wrote Llyfr Taliesin. It may have been based
on material from the twelfth century but with the first genealogy extended to
Llywelyn ap Gruffudd. The names that were omitted from MS. 117 were filled in through
phonetic macthing and cross reference to Bible scriptures.
**The line of : m. Endos m. Endolen m. 49-Aflach m.
Flech m.  48-Llud m. 47-Beli mawr m. 46-Manogan m. 45-Dyfynwal hen m.
Shown as wife on other manuscript:Gorwynyawn m. Kamber m. Brutus m. Siluius m. Ascanius m. Eneas m. Anchises m. Capis m. Assaraccus m. Trois m.[Eri}coinus m. Dardan m. (Number of generations show other decent from DODANIM from japath Gen. 10:4)
Iubiter m. 17-Saru[rn] m. 13-Celi m. Creti m. Cipri m. Cetim m. Ienan m.=Javan Gen.10
from Japath=Iaphed m. Noe hen m. Lamech m. [M]a[th]usalem m. Enoc m. Iareth
m. Malalel m. Kainan m. Enos m. Seth m. Adam m. Duw. Note that compared to Bible
Records some names are missing. This line shown through Yuri (Uri) [Eri] to Saru and
to Japath through the line of Magnus Maximus Roman decent. (Which line also claimed to be from Judah by way of Joseph of Arimathea). In MS117 Coel Codebog listed out of order and clear decent had to of been through Prince Meuric or Manogan.
Conflicting lines= Shem>Levi>Uri>Coel Codebog>Merrick; Japath>Dardan (Dodanim)>Saru (which was a line of shem)>manogan>Coel Codebog>Merrick; Judah>Joesph of Arimathea>Magnus Maximus>Mawr>Coel Codebog>Merrick
***Bonhed Gwyr y Gogledd (the Descent of the Men of the North) is found in a
number of manuscripts, the earliest being Peniarth MS.45 of the second half of
the thirteenth century. It overlaps with both the Harleian MS. 3859 (1100 though
the genealogies were probably compiled before 988) and the Jesus College MS.20
(late fourteenth century but probably compiled in the thirteenth century)
****Records researched by M.L.B. Merrick and Society of the Cincinnati of Maryland; Robert
Graft Merrick, family Historian; England Jan.5 , 1974.
genealogies: albeit with discrepancies.

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