The Hereditary Society

The Hereditary Society is a nonprofit Organization for the verification and certification of Heredity and Genealogy for it's members.

We use multiple sources to provide educational and ancestry descendant family tree certification and education for member categories in accordance with

standards and practices of historical documentation for the collection of family linage.


Membership is open to anyone who desires to certify their family historical and DNA records through genealogical documentation, GEDCOM, or book which includes their family tree.

The categorical membership is associated to a members professional status or family tree which may include DNA records, Historical documentation, and genealogical records.


On August 1st 2013 The Hereditary Society certified the lineage of ID#077 along with the associated lines and documentation of the

Merrick Foundation Org, a non-profit organization documenting the history, genealogy, and family tree of the lines of Merrick, Myrick, Crawford, and

associated surnames to the Ancestry.Com GEDCOM as published in the Royal, Mayflower, Patriot and Revolutionary Lineages

as published and contained in the public record at Merrick Foundation Org and DNA Samples of the MT DNA and Y DNA certificates published at FTDNA.

This line from Charlemagne, Emperor of Europe, also known as King Charles

and his descendants and offspring from 20 children and 4 wives. Which line was featured on "Who Do You Think You Are"

on TLC in the line of supermodel Cindy Crawford. This Merrick/Crawford Line is an Cousins line from New England and the mid west

United States. HS SEAL Certification and documentation number 077.



Full Video Episode at












Royal Lines of the Kings and Queens

Immigrant Lines from Mayflower ancestors

Sons, Patriots, and Daughters of the American Revolution

Hebrew Tribes and Jewish ancestry

Historical Lineages

Genealogical Societies


 We combine books, documents, and genetic references into historical and genealogical certifications of ancestry to applied standards of practices to

provide our society members with historical and educational certifications providing a third party reliable source of your family tree. When the HS seal

is granted to certify and validate your documentation it is the sign of a standard of excellence in method and sources showing you have verified with due

diligence and neutral archival library sources and documentation that proves beyond a shadow of any reasonable doubt that you have lineage to

the ancestry for which your family tree has made claim. Genetic Genealogy from your Father's Y DNA and Mother's MT DNA through any

DNA gathering and reporting association such as Family Tree DNA is accepted as verification of lineage where samples are present proving ancestry.


Why the HS Seal?


Many societies of heredity require overbearing documentation which may or may not even be in the historical records which is verified in other sources such as books,

government documentation, or proven by DNA. Many family names have been documented in times past, yet many societies request with each new member that the work

and documentation be resubmitted with each new membership. This problem is solved with the Hereditary Society in that we are a one stop site to verify that you are

in fact given certifications for the legal rights to claim your line without the burden of arbitrary renewals and repeating documentation which is verified by existing digital or documented

sources such as those provided by Ancestry Com or through the world GEDCOM files. The mapping of lineage is being done daily by people all over the world who are working on

their family trees. We at HS believe that the educated person finds the sources and can create a documented GEDCOM and DNA record that is present in the World Family Tree.

No more need to join endless societies to prove you came from an ancestor or group of surnames, just gain your HS SEAL once here and use our scholarly certification to verify

your heraldry and ancestral lineage.







The Certification to perform Genealogical documentation in the form of family tree for hire, and grant the HS SEAL to members.

Requires having worked in the Genealogical and Historical field for hire for at least 5 years or being a member of this society as a Heredity Ancestry Member for 5 years.

Genealogical Societies may be endorsed under this category  at the life member level and display the HS Member Society Seal on their web site or in print.

Employees of historical or genealogical societies or foundations are provided with an exemption of the 5 year requirement with proof of employment.


 Life Membership for this category is $227.00 US

5 year membership $125.00 US

At the end of the first 5 year membership as a genealogist member, you pay a one time $102 renewal membership fee for life membership.




The Certification of your Heraldry to Royal lines, Immigrant Societies, and DNA.

Requires submission of GEDCOM and or DNA proving your lineage to a Heraldry Royal, Society, or Immigrant ancestor for review.

After submission, a Genealogical review will verify or amend your family tree with proposed variations. For example, you may

have two lines or more to a given line, but the possible routes up the tree may be in doubt, in such cases, an opinion will be given of the proposed or preferred ancestry by documentation.

You may display on your publications online or in book the HS Seal of your Genealogy and provide certification of your ancestry with the HS SEAL.


One Time Membership Fee $125.00 US




The Certification of your Gedcom and Surname line with reference verification endorsing the validity of sources. Herald Members HS SEAL.

Requires review of GEDCOM and Sources.


One Time Membership Fee $55.00




The Certification of your Relationship to a line by GEDCOM and records of Birth by Ancestry within the last 10 generations for one surname.

Requires birth certificate and records for one surname. Ancestry Member HS SEAL.


One Time Membership Fee $35.00




The certification of lineage from:


Royal Lines of the Kings and Queens

Immigrant Lines from Mayflower ancestors

Sons, Patriots, and Daughters of the American Revolution

Hebrew Tribes and Jewish ancestry

Historical Lineages (By Origins require DNA certificate)

Genealogical Societies (Does not include membership in any particular organization of society other than the Hereditary Society added endorsements.)


Each endorsement will be listed on a certificate of Membership. The certificate will be issued in PDF format only

with a number and HS SEAL with the associated members name and GEDCOM number ID. Once a member certificate is issued your GEDCOM

may not be altered from the original submitted file. If you want to add any leg or additional lineage, and you want to have that information reviewed and

certified, then you may request an additional review for publication or update for a one time fee of $25.00 once per year.


Once you have your membership and certificate with endorsements, you may use the HS SEAL with your ID Number in any publications online

or in printed format to show verification and validation of sources of your genealogical research and lineage.


Disclaimer: HS membership and the HS SEAL and or endorsements and certifications are not membership in any genealogical society other than this

non-profit standards organization. You understand that we can not insure that you may or may not be required under other organization to complete their application process

for membership in those organization and societies. The purpose of the HEREDITARY SOCIETY is to validate research and sources and provide a standard by which

genealogists and individuals may have their family tree verified as being within the proven methods of research and that the sources were from actual documents found in

court houses, libraries, and educational or government sources which evidence that your tree is a true and correct lineage to be accurate by the records.

HS certification makes no claims to be completely error free, in that some lineage may be in question within any one grouping of codex of surname. For example, DNA may prove

the lineage to codex of surname, but not prove which brother or father was in fact the linier ancestor, which is corrected within 1 or 2 generations in some cases.

Many genealogists may omit an ancestor due to questionable or missing sources and HS shall not be held responsible or liable in such cases where no source exists.

HS shall make every attempt to validate census records and given sources as being correct or within parameters set by the standards of genealogical practices.

A good rule of thumb with family tree programs or software is to find the source information before adding a person to your lineage. Many lines we have found to include

fictitious persons added by spoofing members who desire to cause havoc with certain web genealogy sites. Therefore it is best to insure your source is real and that the documents in the public records

with government or educational sources is real before submitting information for certification with the HEREDITARY SOCIETY.  a coat of arms with source may be verified within any membership

level. The coast must be in a valid publication as issued with description. If a review is rejected for cause, the source may be corrected and resubmitted for certification. During this process,

an associated membership will be issued until your ID can be validated and connected to your GEDCOM or family tree. Our standard is 80% assured that the given line is in fact accurate and

90% by DNA information provided. HS does not do DNA work and recommends FAMILY TREE DNA or other sites to gain DNA for submission to this society.


We are a standards and practices organization lending credence to the research and educational standards within the genealogical field.

To Join you must submit your lineage, GEDCOM, scanned sources including all birth and death certificates, wills, or orther documentation along with sources on a CDR and a check or money order

made out to the HS Senior Genealogist D W Merrick to

PO BOX 1533

Smethport, PA 16749-1533

please also include your phone number and contact email address along with any associated tree web site or ID for location of your tree on sites like Ancestry Com or other GEDCOM



You may contact Dr Merrick HS Senior Genealogist at

faith @ penn . com


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