Instructions To Money Radio

                       Hosted By:  Capt. Daniel W. Merrick, Ph.D.

                            USAR  ARMOR  DAV  Retired.



Dan holds two Bachelor Degrees in Bible Missions and Psychology, A Masters in Vocational Education, and a Doctorate in Biblical Linguistics and Iconology. Dan has authored a version of the Bible, “The History and Genealogy of Merrick” 2004; “Instructions To Money: From Welfare To Millionaire” Outskirts Press 2006; Radio Business Tips, 2007; And is presently working on “Knockin Doors”, a book about his life schedule to be released in 2010. Dan’s weekly radio shows include “Faith Radio”, “Patriot Hub Radio” that he co-hosts with Shane Strange, "Captain Dan The Cavalry Man" and “Instructions To Money Radio”. Dan graduated from the Ohio School of Broadcast Technique in 1975 from the Broadcast Announcing and Radio Production courses. Dan produced “Faith In Action Radio” for Evangelist Ken Gaub from 1994 to 1998 doing the dual role of announcer and producer. In 1993 Dan release his self authored musical work entitled “Aliyah” and in 1995 “Open Eyes” published by Heartfelt Records and Eternal Light & Power Co. (ASCAP). Dan has also worked in CCM, Country, Jazz, New Age, and as an A&R rep. Dan has several businesses and works as a promoter and PR agent in his spare time. Dan has appeared on Lifetime Network, CTV, and ABC to name a few. Dan also hold a Ordination and Ministers License since 1989. Dan

will also be appearing on TCT to an audience of over 1.5 Billion this spring. In all with a listener base of over 248,000 Dan's voice has been heard by nearly 1/3rd of the total population to date.




_ Age

_ 52.4% A35-54 with the change in spread to 25 to 35 up 24% on Patriot Hub and RIBN / MNN / CRN Networks

_ 33.3% A55-65

_ Gender - 58.6% Male

_ 12.2% Female

_ Education

_ 46% College Grad

_ 27% Advance Degree

_ Occupation

_ 39.9% Business Owner/ Partner/ Corp Officer

_ 53.2 Banking/ Finance/ Stock Broker/ Planner s

_ 14.4 Sales

_ Income - 33.8% $75K+

_ 39% are Key Influencers in Business Decisions

_ 14.6 % are Opinion Leaders Asked to Recommend Bank

_ 4.7% have Liquid Asset s $100K+

_ 26.6% plan to Buy a Car/ Van/ Truck/ Sport Utility next 12 months

_ 42.4 % plan to Remodel Home in next 12 months

_ 47.7 % own Power Boat

_ 43.9 % bank at Bank Savings of over $2000.00

_ 14.6 % bank at Chase or have a Credit Card with Chase.

_ 28% Have bought one or more books in the last month

_ 9.7% Unemployed of which 48% report additional income source


25-35 63% Female on network feeds with average income $38,000.00 annual.



                                                                                  Cable Radio Network  ~ RIBN ~  RWBN  ~ Podomatic ~Chimpsy Radio Network ~ Military News Network

With RSS feeds and over 358 Rebroadcast Air Affiliates and Syndicated Networks and Growing!

Just with these four programs the reach is World Wide with Royalty reports from over 143 of 196 countries.

AM FM Streaming Internet MP3 UStream Blog Talk Radio …..

Web and Social Network Affiliates Drive Podcasts and Exposure to World Wide Audience.

 NAR rated at 38,000 listener base AM/FM/CRN



                                                                                                                            PodOmatic Listener Stats A/O FEB. 2010  

        FEEDS: (1)  LISTENERS 56820  SUBSCRIBERS 37808  (2)  LISTENERS  1567  SUBSCRIBERS 739  (3)  LISTENERS 60199  SUBSCRIBERS 42150 (4) LISTENERS 1499  SUBSCRIBERS 1208

                                                                         TOTAL LISTENER BASE 248,000 WEB AM FM AND CRN FEEDS WITH STARS LIKE:

                                                                                          “Not Just Another Talk Show About Money…..”


Provocative Interviews with REAL STARS & business experts in their fields.

Goal Oriented personalities & Authors like Robert Kiyosaki, Director Russ Emanuel, CCM Singer Michael Robert, and

Actor Robert Picardo of StarTrek Voyager and SYFY Stargate Atlantis has been on Dan’s Shows.


Live Streaming Internet broadcasts RR, CRN, MNN, PODOMATIC, & keeps customers hearing and viewing your ads.


Exciting LIVE Interviews with famous authors like “Robert Kiyosaki ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ author talks

about his new project with Donald Trump….”


What would you pay to have someone working for you 24/7, 365 making you money? What If that person could stay awake and contact say 31 million households with your phone order line, web site, and a commercial that persuades them to buy your product or service? Advertising on the Radio with our show is just like having that person! We put your ad in our newsletter, on our web site, and on streaming audio to give your 24/7 world wide commercial space to drive your sales up, And after all, that's the bottom line in business.



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Top Performers 6 month report % of Totals Link Type - Banner Storefront 45.35% Merchant - TOP MERCHANTS SALES % 42.11% Basics Impressions 67,610 mo. Click-Troughs' 3,109 Click/Imp. Ratio 4.6% Orders 120 Order/Click Ratio 3.9%


Country Percentage  World 12.79%  United States 87.21%
Male 18-25 6.36% Male 25-65 29.78%  Female 12-18 12.38%  Female 18-25 8.17%  Female 25-65 39.57%
M&F 65+ 3.74%
Hours 286,000  Avg. Listeners Hours Month 4.6 per Total Avg. month 9,532.67 per day
Downloads All Shows Per Month 248,000 (Multiple Domains)  New Unique Visitors + Per Month Avg. 7430 subscriptions via ITunes/RSS monthly 84,000


**RATES:         Classified Ads Newspaper: $20.00 per month 3-Lines. $25.00-5 Lines, Front Page same as banner.


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To Advertise use the pay pal option above or Contact Dan Merrick at: PA814.887.5895 NYC646.502.7548  CELL 814.598.1447

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** Rates do not include audio or video production and are listed above on a per month bases. Audio & Video Production will be provided free of charge on a per client agreement for the first 2 hours of production time. The hourly rate for modifications and changes to advertising is $25.00 per hour. Ad approvals and affidavits are provided by invoice certifications of air by date and time and ads will remain in podcast for future downloads.   


CPM/CPC = Cost Pre Click Rates estimated at .o2 ¢ per listener per ad click, or annual sponsor with the cost per listener of  .o1¢ annually. CPM annual = .08 at 3 million total listeners.

All rates and values above subject to change and variations as expressed by the web statistics and any change in venue by any third party provider or vendor shall not be refunded but shall be compensated by extension of ad run time.



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